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Inspirational Story (Translation Work)

In a classroom, the teacher was telling students a story –

A couple finally made it in front of lifeboat during a marine peril. However, there was one space left in the boat. Suddenly, the man pulled the woman behind him and jumped onto the lifeboat. While the ship was sinking, the woman shouted to the man…

The teacher pulsed and asked students, “guess what did the woman say?”

Students replied with rage, “I hate you, I can’t believe I trusted you.”

The teacher noticed there was a student didn’t say a word, so he asked the student about his opinion, the student replied, “I think the woman shouted — please take good care of our children!”

The teacher was surprised, then asked, “have you heard the story already?”

The student shook his head and replied, “no, but before my mother passed away, that is what she said to my father.”

The teacher responded with emotions, “that, was exactly what the woman said.”

After the ship sank, the man return to home and raised his daughter by himself. After many years, the man passed away from illness, as his daughter sorting out the things he left behind, she found her father’s diary.

The truth was, while her parents were on the cruise ship, her mother was already very ill. At the crucial moment, her father went for the last chance to survive, in the diary, he wrote, “I want to sink into the ocean and stay with you forever, but I can’t. For our daughter, I must leave you rest in peace in the deep sea on your own.”

As the story finished, the classroom was in complete silence. The teacher knew that students already understood the meaning of the story – there is no clear line to separate the good and evil in this world, it is complicated, hence, we shouldn’t judge others merely by what we see on the surface.


People who are happy to pay for the bill at a meal, not because they have too much money, but because they value friendship more than money.

People who are willing to take on more tasks at work, not because they are foolish, but because they prefer being responsible.

People who apologize first after a fight, not necessary because they are at fault, but because they cherish the person more.

People who are happy to help you, not because they own you anything, but because they take you as a close friend.

People who contacts you often, not because they have no life, but because they care about you.



Original Article 原文

一艘遊輪遭遇海難,船上有對夫妻,好不容易來到..救生艇前,艇上只剩一個位子,這時,男 人把女人推向身後,自己跳上了..救生艇。














I Will Be There

“Uncertainty makes us fear,

The road ahead is unclear,

But don’t be scared,

I will be there,

Whenever, wherever,

I will be there.”



Fork on the Road

“I care for you so dearly and this is about as far as I can go,

Your happiness is all I ask for,

But soon, I know I will have to let you go,

Whatever your choice would be, I would support,

Let you go and let myself go…”



Things You Love

There are many definitions for the word “love,” and many people use the word constantly. While I think it is great to love but how do we differentiate the things we love or simply enjoy?

I think the bottomline difference is that we will always have time for the things we truly love. I believe that if we really love something or someone, we will always manage to have time for it.

So please… think again about the things you claimed you love and think if you would be willing to make time for them. If not, maybe you don’t love it, just simply enjoy it.