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Don’t Wait… There isn’t the Time!

A moment of silence to honor a friend…

We tend to think there is a lot of time to make up for things, to chase the dream, to tell the people we love our feelings. However, none of us really have a clue when is the last moment. Often times, people ask each other the question “what would you do if you only have 24 hours left in your life?” At the end of the day, how many of us actually do what we said we would? I know I did not.

Time doesn’t wait for any of us… That is an eternal fact. I want to encourage everyone to live your life a little more positive, make time doing things you enjoy, spend time with people you love, and take steps towards your dream.

2014 started with this tragic event for me but I intend to live it up because I know that is the best way to honor my friend.



Things You Love

There are many definitions for the word “love,” and many people use the word constantly. While I think it is great to love but how do we differentiate the things we love or simply enjoy?

I think the bottomline difference is that we will always have time for the things we truly love. I believe that if we really love something or someone, we will always manage to have time for it.

So please… think again about the things you claimed you love and think if you would be willing to make time for them. If not, maybe you don’t love it, just simply enjoy it.



Everyone has different priorities and I feel those priorities change over time. Maybe some people call it being more mature or force by the nature of life.

I never really gotten into drinking, sure, it is fun sometimes but it definitely is not any close to top of my priorities. I can have lots of fun without drinking. I guess, this might came with time or things we have done so we have experienced with other alternatives for fun. Either way, maybe what I am suggesting here is to expose your children to more activities so they can find a great alternative for their own happiness.

I have a lot of those, from climbing to traveling, reading to watching movie.

Another point is, I guess should think about our priorities. Life is better when we know what is a good for us.