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I Will Be There

“Uncertainty makes us fear,

The road ahead is unclear,

But don’t be scared,

I will be there,

Whenever, wherever,

I will be there.”




A Guy Who Travels

I recently read a blog entry called “Date A Girl Who Travels” and it is about why a guy should date a girl who travels and what unique personalities a girl who travels has. Honestly, I would love to date a girl who loves traveling and adventures as much as I do.

I thought to myself, what special traits would a guy who enjoys exploring like me would have. I certainly always carry a pocket knife with me which could come in handy. I would always have that extra layer jacket in my backpack for whoever is cold. I became much more eager to help people because those helping hands I have received throughout the travel. I rather deal with problems than whining about them because it is much more practical and efficient. I found myself more flexible from facing all the unexpected happening in my journey. I am more spontaneous and yet able to plan things well because all the experience I had. I am romantic because I will take a girl to the most beautiful spot I know and show her how wonderful life could be, to enjoy the simplest thing in life. It is interesting that how much traveling has changed me from a city boy to an independent adult who is eager to see and learn new things.

Girls, if you ever found a guy who loves traveling and he loves you. Join his adventure, he would show you a different point of view and the secret sanctuary he found. At times, you might split apart for whatever reason, but no matter the distance, he would always find his way back to you because deep down, you are the safe harbor that he has been looking for all along in his life.



Is it possible to have feelings for someone who is miles away across the sea? If I have a vote on this, I think I would vote for yes. For someone who found emotional bonds are more important than the physical bond. I realize that many things are not meant to just happen, things develop over time, and you become attached to them. This dependence can be good or bad… Maybe that is why some people keep going back to their abusive ex-spouse. I found myself hoping a visit from the distant land even though knowing the possibility is slim to none. Hope, keeps us going. All I really want is to keep this relationship as it is… I can’t ask for more.