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Inspirational Story (Translation Work)

In a classroom, the teacher was telling students a story –

A couple finally made it in front of lifeboat during a marine peril. However, there was one space left in the boat. Suddenly, the man pulled the woman behind him and jumped onto the lifeboat. While the ship was sinking, the woman shouted to the man…

The teacher pulsed and asked students, “guess what did the woman say?”

Students replied with rage, “I hate you, I can’t believe I trusted you.”

The teacher noticed there was a student didn’t say a word, so he asked the student about his opinion, the student replied, “I think the woman shouted — please take good care of our children!”

The teacher was surprised, then asked, “have you heard the story already?”

The student shook his head and replied, “no, but before my mother passed away, that is what she said to my father.”

The teacher responded with emotions, “that, was exactly what the woman said.”

After the ship sank, the man return to home and raised his daughter by himself. After many years, the man passed away from illness, as his daughter sorting out the things he left behind, she found her father’s diary.

The truth was, while her parents were on the cruise ship, her mother was already very ill. At the crucial moment, her father went for the last chance to survive, in the diary, he wrote, “I want to sink into the ocean and stay with you forever, but I can’t. For our daughter, I must leave you rest in peace in the deep sea on your own.”

As the story finished, the classroom was in complete silence. The teacher knew that students already understood the meaning of the story – there is no clear line to separate the good and evil in this world, it is complicated, hence, we shouldn’t judge others merely by what we see on the surface.


People who are happy to pay for the bill at a meal, not because they have too much money, but because they value friendship more than money.

People who are willing to take on more tasks at work, not because they are foolish, but because they prefer being responsible.

People who apologize first after a fight, not necessary because they are at fault, but because they cherish the person more.

People who are happy to help you, not because they own you anything, but because they take you as a close friend.

People who contacts you often, not because they have no life, but because they care about you.



Original Article 原文

一艘遊輪遭遇海難,船上有對夫妻,好不容易來到..救生艇前,艇上只剩一個位子,這時,男 人把女人推向身後,自己跳上了..救生艇。














I Will Be There

“Uncertainty makes us fear,

The road ahead is unclear,

But don’t be scared,

I will be there,

Whenever, wherever,

I will be there.”




As I was paddleboarding yesterday at the north coast beach of Taiwan, I encountered a situation. Just when I was about to start my journey on my paddleboard, a life guard driving ATV came towards me and started whistling. At first, I thought he was attempting to stop me but then I thought why would he because I had all the proper gears and it was a pretty calm day. Then I saw there are two teenagers behind me standing in the ocean with half of the body in the water. I didn’t think much of it because they weren’t too far out in the ocean but as the life guard ordered them to come back and then they couldn’t. That was when I realized they were trapped. I observed the current a bit and came to the conclusion that there was a strong undertone current pulling outwards because it was changing from high tide to low and small waves were forming right around their position.

I didn’t think much about it after the realization what was happening and paddle straight towards the girl who was further out and looking scared. I instructed her to get on the board and that was when I understood that they were standing on rocks but couldn’t move because current were too strong and other than where they were standing, it was too deep. I could tell she was almost in tears but still very concerned about her friend. She asked me, “what about my friend?” I reassured her, “don’t worry, you are safe now and I will come back to get him once I drop you off.”

I went back for the 2nd time to get the boy, he was in somewhat of a shock as well. After I dropped him off, I went ahead with my journey since the life guard started talking to them. I told the story to a friend who is a life guard and he posted online. Some people are calling me hero but I think I just did something that anyone would have done in the situation.

I believe it is in our nature to help others. The news nowadays might not reflect that but we should have faith, at least in our friends, but a total stranger could have been that helping hand you needed right then.

The true giving is asking nothing in return, I am glad I did what I did.

4 Black Coffee, 3 Days, 2 Cold Showers Later

I was in Guangzhou, China, for work in the past 3 days. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy the trip but it was a great wake up call for me.

People who knows me well would know that I barely drink latte and I had 4 black coffee this trip, needless to say, it was very exhausting and I needed that much coffee to keep me going. Shower and heater weren’t quite working properly in the hotel… I was totally fooled by the look of the hotel though, definitely reminded me why I shouldn’t judge the book by its cover.

Friends asked me why I was so bugged by this trip since I enjoy traveling so much. I said “people.” I really have nothing against Chinese because I know there are great people in China. However, being there, I just feel people have so little respect for each other. Smoking in a non-smoking area, speaking loudly disregard the rest, or cutting in line to get on the train. These might be very small things but devil hides in details.

As much as I did not enjoy the trip, it served a great purpose. I showed me how lost I am and what I am doing with my life. I was reminded what I am truly passionate about and I need to start pursuing my dream again. I came up with a 3-year-plan while slowly making my way home. The goal is to enter a graduate program by Fall 2016 and in order to do that, GRE, searching for the right program all needs to be done step by step. I will do it but I can use all the help and support I can get.


When Thing Gone South

Life is unpredictable and regardless how well you plan, things can still go south at any given moment. When it does, the more important part is asking the question “what now?”

There were lots of “what now?” asked during last snowboard instructor job. 3 levels of students, one instructor; huge snow storm in Tokyo and highway shut down, etc. I am glad that I had to face many of these last minute problem in the past so I didn’t break down. Certainly, I was stressed, lack of sleep, and completely out of energy at some point. One step at the time is all I tell myself.

Challenge is often given to us for us to see what we are made of and how we can be more. While in the midst of hardship, I can’t say I am thrilled about it but often times, we gain valuable experiences and stories from it, regardless the outcome.

I am happy to say the things turned out to be in our favor at the end of the day and everyone made it home rather smoothly.


Don’t Wait… There isn’t the Time!

A moment of silence to honor a friend…

We tend to think there is a lot of time to make up for things, to chase the dream, to tell the people we love our feelings. However, none of us really have a clue when is the last moment. Often times, people ask each other the question “what would you do if you only have 24 hours left in your life?” At the end of the day, how many of us actually do what we said we would? I know I did not.

Time doesn’t wait for any of us… That is an eternal fact. I want to encourage everyone to live your life a little more positive, make time doing things you enjoy, spend time with people you love, and take steps towards your dream.

2014 started with this tragic event for me but I intend to live it up because I know that is the best way to honor my friend.


Year of 2013

2013 started in a blur… Just finishing my duty to the country and back to real life. I was rather used to the whole routine life in the service and somewhat independent as well.

Moving back in the my parents certainly gave me a little hard time not having that life of my own but for financial reasons, it would give me more budget to resupply gears for adventure and money for trips.

I started working in the family business because it would give me more freedom while I pursue other goals in my life. The decision paid off by the end of the year and I also get a better idea of how business is done in the family.

This year is very outdoor oriented and same direction as the things I accomplished:

– Rope Anchor Course
– 6 of the Top 100 Mountain Peaks in Taiwan
– Wilderness First Aid certification
– CPR certification
– TSSIA Level I Snowboarder Instructor (which uses the same teaching system as the Canadian Association Snowboard Instructor)
– Visited the 22nd Country (Malaysia)
– Start Paddleboarding

I also got back rock climbing more although not yet back to shape. It feels like I could do and learn a lot more as well but I am certainly happy with what I have done.

As the year ending today, it’s also time to think about what I want to accomplish in 2014 🙂