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In My Heart

The distance doesn’t matter,

Because I hold you in my heart,

I miss you, dearly,

And wish you the best time wherever you are,

Your voice, your face, your humor, and your smile,

The time will come when we meet again,

Before that, enjoy life and stay well.


Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!




My Kind of Weekend

It’s been a long time that northern Taiwan has good weather during the weekend. Of course, I would not let this opportunity slip through my hand. Like I always say to others, when you see an opportunity, take it!

I woke up early in the morning on Saturday, took the MRT and hand right straight for the Sanzhi cherry blossom. I thought I could beat the crowd but I was wrong, so WRONG! Nevertheless, the view was totally worth it. After getting back to Tamsui, I rent a bike for only 150 NT per day (5 USD) and started biking along the coast. I forgot my swimsuit… and that is certainly a mistake when I got to the beach. Even though the water still kinda cold but I knew myself that I would have jumped in no matter what.

I had a quick lunch after returning the bike and I went to meet up with the others at the basketball court. After playing for a hour and half, my legs started cramping a little… I then sat out for about good half hour to rest them. While watching the guys got beaten by others, I decided that it was time to play again. I was able to keep going for another hour until I figured it is for the best I stop before the cramp came back to haunt me. I think that was a smart idea. Shower couldn’t feel any better that night and dinner was delicious. A great night sleep and in my mind, that was a great day.

If you are interested in seeing some of the pictures, click HERE.