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In My Heart

The distance doesn’t matter,

Because I hold you in my heart,

I miss you, dearly,

And wish you the best time wherever you are,

Your voice, your face, your humor, and your smile,

The time will come when we meet again,

Before that, enjoy life and stay well.


Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!




My Stupid Principle and I

Although I love doing spontaneous things and go all crazy doing random stuff. However, there are some guidelines of my own which I follow. I guess they are based on my personal belief and they are important to me.

I would agree that my principle sometimes get in a way of making things easy but perhaps that is because I love the challenge. Anyway, my main point of writing this entry is because I know in my mind, that if you were anywhere near me, I would totally ask you to be my girl. That is simply something I would not do over emails or phone because I found it important and personal that I would only do such a thing face to face.

That might be a good thing, so you are not put into a weird situation. I think I am thinking way too much into this tonight.