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Step Forward

Go travel,

Have fun,

The world is yours for the taking,

Be adventurous,

Believe in yourself,

The hardship will help you find yourself,

Don’t be afraid,

Fear not,

Remember the ones love you will always be there,

It is time,

Step forward.




Year of 2013

2013 started in a blur… Just finishing my duty to the country and back to real life. I was rather used to the whole routine life in the service and somewhat independent as well.

Moving back in the my parents certainly gave me a little hard time not having that life of my own but for financial reasons, it would give me more budget to resupply gears for adventure and money for trips.

I started working in the family business because it would give me more freedom while I pursue other goals in my life. The decision paid off by the end of the year and I also get a better idea of how business is done in the family.

This year is very outdoor oriented and same direction as the things I accomplished:

– Rope Anchor Course
– 6 of the Top 100 Mountain Peaks in Taiwan
– Wilderness First Aid certification
– CPR certification
– TSSIA Level I Snowboarder Instructor (which uses the same teaching system as the Canadian Association Snowboard Instructor)
– Visited the 22nd Country (Malaysia)
– Start Paddleboarding

I also got back rock climbing more although not yet back to shape. It feels like I could do and learn a lot more as well but I am certainly happy with what I have done.

As the year ending today, it’s also time to think about what I want to accomplish in 2014 🙂


Keep Walking and Exploring

Here are some more pictures of my recent adventures:

Pingxi (Shifan Waterfall)

Keelung Coast