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2014 Resolution Progress Report

Less than 2 month to go in the year of 2014. Time to take a look at the goals I have for the year and the progress I made so far. Here is the list of the goals I have for 2014:

  • Paddleboard to Keelung Isle
  • Trip to Taroko Gorge
  • Hike 6 more Taiwan 100 Top Peaks
  • Save 3,000 USD (100,000 NTD)
  • Learn Archery
  • Lead Climb 5.11a
  • Over night biking trip
  • Improve Language Ability (Take Japanese or Spanish Lesson)

While I have done quite of few of them but there are still many more to go… Now I really need to set priority to archive the ones that matters the most to me. Here are the ones I have yet to accomplish:

  • Lead Climb 5.11a
  • Hike 6 more Taiwan 100 Top Peaks
  • Learn Archery
  • Over night biking trip

Out of the 8, I got 4 left… We will see how many more I could knock out.



Year of 2013

2013 started in a blur… Just finishing my duty to the country and back to real life. I was rather used to the whole routine life in the service and somewhat independent as well.

Moving back in the my parents certainly gave me a little hard time not having that life of my own but for financial reasons, it would give me more budget to resupply gears for adventure and money for trips.

I started working in the family business because it would give me more freedom while I pursue other goals in my life. The decision paid off by the end of the year and I also get a better idea of how business is done in the family.

This year is very outdoor oriented and same direction as the things I accomplished:

– Rope Anchor Course
– 6 of the Top 100 Mountain Peaks in Taiwan
– Wilderness First Aid certification
– CPR certification
– TSSIA Level I Snowboarder Instructor (which uses the same teaching system as the Canadian Association Snowboard Instructor)
– Visited the 22nd Country (Malaysia)
– Start Paddleboarding

I also got back rock climbing more although not yet back to shape. It feels like I could do and learn a lot more as well but I am certainly happy with what I have done.

As the year ending today, it’s also time to think about what I want to accomplish in 2014 🙂


Year of 2011

2011 passed me by while I was standing guard at boot camp. It is time to write about the things I have accomplished in the year of 2011.

  • Officially ESL Instructor at Carroll University
  • Habitat Trip – Flager Beach
  • First Overnight Canoeing Trip at Namekegon River
  • Rock Climbing Guide at Red River Gorge
  • Road Trip Through Midwest and West Coast of United State
  • Obtain TCSL certification

Although at the second half of the year I was restricted with my activities by the mandatory military service entry procedure but thankful I was able to use my time well before I came back to Taiwan. I want to make 2012 a meaningful year but I will write that new year resolution next time.