Live, Love, Laugh


To Do List for Spring 2011

Here are a list of things I want to do this coming 6 months… Please let me know what else is cool to do around Wisconsin in winter and spring!

  • Snowboarding at Tyrol Basin
  • Overnight Kayaking Trip (1 nights minimum, currently considering Rock River or Wisconsin River)
  • Explore Door County (Camp, Hike, Kayak, etc)
  • Explore Apostle Island (Camp, Hike, Kayak, etc)
  • Ice Climb at Governor’s Dodge
  • Snowshoeing at Kettle Moraine Southern Unit
  • Bike to Madison (This one I am not 100% sure but I want to do an overnight biking trip)
  • Surf at Sheboygan
  • Wakeboarding

A very short list so far but will add more if I get some interesting ideas! Let me know what else awesome is there to do!! Or if you are interested in being part of my events, let me know!



Ice Climbing and Future

Just got back from an super fun trip ice climbing in MN. Special thanks to the Finkowski family for hosting and guiding me to this wonderful opportunity to start off the year. I was exhausted but now ready for more adventure!

As far as the next step, got my schedule for the coming semester for ESL. 7 hours a week, it’s going to be a good challenge and experience. Better paid as well, finally really get my foot in the door into the higher education world 🙂

For more pictures, click here


Summary of 2010

Today is the last day of 2010, I think it’s a good day to think about what I have done and accomplished this year.

2010 was full of adventure:

  • During spring break, I was in FL building house with Habitat, watching sunrise at the beach and surf
  • In Chicago for the different museum
  • Trips down to Red River Gorge for some awesome climbing
  • Trip to Hawaii for a super fantastic time climbing, sailing, surfing, sea kayaking, and hiking
  • Several nice kayaking time on Lake Michigan and several different rivers
  • Chill at Bradford beach.
  • Climbing and wedding trip in Colorado
  • Snowboarding trip in Breckenridge
  • Badger and Packer game
  • Of course, Devil’s Devil climbing trips, too many of those to count 😛

WOW, I would say that is a pretty awesome year, wouldn’t you think so 🙂 I am sure I forgot some events.

I was the recipient of Faculty of Education Award for Excellence and finished with my MEd. degree with a 3.96 GPA. I am proud of these.

And 2011 will start with ice climbing trip… that’s a pretty good start 😀


Things I Love

Just want to list a few things I love…

I love the outdoor, the nature, I love sport. Basketball, ice climbing, climbing, snowboarding… there are so much things the world has to offer. I love the lazy days too and right now, I am enjoying the sore muscle from the condition I did the day before 🙂



Everyone has different priorities and I feel those priorities change over time. Maybe some people call it being more mature or force by the nature of life.

I never really gotten into drinking, sure, it is fun sometimes but it definitely is not any close to top of my priorities. I can have lots of fun without drinking. I guess, this might came with time or things we have done so we have experienced with other alternatives for fun. Either way, maybe what I am suggesting here is to expose your children to more activities so they can find a great alternative for their own happiness.

I have a lot of those, from climbing to traveling, reading to watching movie.

Another point is, I guess should think about our priorities. Life is better when we know what is a good for us.


Inspiration – Follow Your Dream

Everyone needs inspiration. I was inspired by Susan Boyle who never gave up her dream. She follow her dream and made it real. I am very moved by this video in so many different ways. It reminded again why we shouldn’t judge the book from its covered. It pushes me to not to give up and be persistent. I want to share this with you.


Refocus and Push Through

Just last bit of this Masters degree, I can see the light. I need to focus and finish the last part of this chapter.

On the other note, I know what I need to get back doing. I realized I have been concentrating on my schoolwork and job so much I have forgotten to live a little, in many different ways.

Anyway, I feel like I am ready for more that life has to offer. Whether or not I find it, that would be a whole other story, but I will start looking.