Live, Love, Laugh


In My Heart

The distance doesn’t matter,

Because I hold you in my heart,

I miss you, dearly,

And wish you the best time wherever you are,

Your voice, your face, your humor, and your smile,

The time will come when we meet again,

Before that, enjoy life and stay well.


Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day!





People grief differently, some very obvious while some choose to deal with it alone, in their very own way. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean one is not impacted by the tragedy.

Memories of the times we spent come often to my mind these days.  I read the last conversations we had over and over again. We were making plans to meet up again. You told me that it’s a shame that I was living with you at your worst but I rather treasure the experience and you still was able to show your big heart in the moment that matters.

I can’t live to replace your place in the world. Your faith, your heart, and your royalty to friends are unrivaled. However, I would like to make a run for it. To be more open-minded, to help regardless my own bias and personal preference when others need. May you watch over me and be my witness.

On another note, additional personal goal for the year, I want to have better posture. The slouching needs go.

Don’t Wait… There isn’t the Time!

A moment of silence to honor a friend…

We tend to think there is a lot of time to make up for things, to chase the dream, to tell the people we love our feelings. However, none of us really have a clue when is the last moment. Often times, people ask each other the question “what would you do if you only have 24 hours left in your life?” At the end of the day, how many of us actually do what we said we would? I know I did not.

Time doesn’t wait for any of us… That is an eternal fact. I want to encourage everyone to live your life a little more positive, make time doing things you enjoy, spend time with people you love, and take steps towards your dream.

2014 started with this tragic event for me but I intend to live it up because I know that is the best way to honor my friend.


Year of 2013

2013 started in a blur… Just finishing my duty to the country and back to real life. I was rather used to the whole routine life in the service and somewhat independent as well.

Moving back in the my parents certainly gave me a little hard time not having that life of my own but for financial reasons, it would give me more budget to resupply gears for adventure and money for trips.

I started working in the family business because it would give me more freedom while I pursue other goals in my life. The decision paid off by the end of the year and I also get a better idea of how business is done in the family.

This year is very outdoor oriented and same direction as the things I accomplished:

– Rope Anchor Course
– 6 of the Top 100 Mountain Peaks in Taiwan
– Wilderness First Aid certification
– CPR certification
– TSSIA Level I Snowboarder Instructor (which uses the same teaching system as the Canadian Association Snowboard Instructor)
– Visited the 22nd Country (Malaysia)
– Start Paddleboarding

I also got back rock climbing more although not yet back to shape. It feels like I could do and learn a lot more as well but I am certainly happy with what I have done.

As the year ending today, it’s also time to think about what I want to accomplish in 2014 🙂


From Beginner Hiker to More…

I am writing this to gather some of my thoughts and experience about hiking. I love hiking for many reasons, I particularly love the feeling of getting to a peak and the sensation of being so small. The amazing world makes me humble.

Hiking is one of the many activities I love and wish to share with people. I want to share how I have gone from a total beginner to more… I am certainly no expert but I like to consider myself as experienced hiker.

We are all beginner at first taking on something new. Learning curve is huge and we can learn so much. It is always nice to have someone to mentor you through the new experience. I was lucky to have great mentor, my high school teacher, KC, as my mentor. Not everyone is so fortunate, however, internet provides great information. Here are some suggestions I have for people who would like to get into hiking:

1. Start Small – It’s a new thing you are trying, no need to over exhaust yourself. Start something small and moderate to see how you enjoy the experience. It’s also a good way to build the muscles you need for longer hike.

2. Find People with Same Interest – Sometimes I hike alone because I love to spend time to think about things in life. I, however, prefer to have a hiking buddy because it’s much safer and you really get to know people during the hike. Having friends who enjoy hiking will provide you with great tips and new places to explore. 

3. Record Your Hike – Pictures, text, or video. Take time to think about the hike you did. What was enjoyable and what was difficult. This will give you a good feedback on yourself and how you could better prepare yourself for the next time.

4. Packing List – Similar to record, knowing what you packed and used in a hike will allow you to pack better for the hike. How much water did you drink? What clothing was needed and what not? What was needed but you didn’t have?

These are just a few things that came to my mind… I am sure there are lots more.


Things You Love

There are many definitions for the word “love,” and many people use the word constantly. While I think it is great to love but how do we differentiate the things we love or simply enjoy?

I think the bottomline difference is that we will always have time for the things we truly love. I believe that if we really love something or someone, we will always manage to have time for it.

So please… think again about the things you claimed you love and think if you would be willing to make time for them. If not, maybe you don’t love it, just simply enjoy it.


Embrace Diversity – The Girl with the “ (: ” Smiley

Years ago, I got a sticky note from a friend with a smiley “ (: “ I must admit, I was baffled by the fact that it is the total opposite direction of how I would write it, or, how most of the world would. I asked her, “Jen, is this how you always draw the smiley?” She answered simply with a smile on her face, “Yes!”

I must admit that I wanted to keep questioning the reasons of why she does it that way but then I stopped myself. I realized, she isn’t doing anything wrong nor bothering anyone. For her, this is the way to draw a smiley. She doesn’t need me to tell her to do it otherwise and what I need to do is to accept it.

        The same idea can apply to much more of this mixing world. Diversity is all around us. We can choose to accept or force it to follow our way. However, when both parties believe that their belief is the “right” way, there will be no end to the argument. Why not take a step back and accept? They didn’t ask you to love them but they wish you to see and understand that this is how they have always been. We can learn so much more from one another when we can see pass the differences.