Live, Love, Laugh

Friendship and Trust

I push myself to be a man of words, to be trustworthy and reliable. I set a high standard to myself, to be on time and to keep my promises. There is a saying in Chinese, “be strict to yourself and be tolerant to the others.” Lately, I have found it difficult to hang out or even, talk to the people I call friends. It frustrates me when they constantly let me down on the small things. Some might say, sure, but they will step up when it truly matters. I don’t know, it is hard to believe in that when one can’t even deliver in a smaller scale.

Trust can be easily broken but hard to rebuild. I couldn’t just trust a person who has failed me many times just by the word the person said. Words are merely words until they are backed up by actions.

I am tired from all these empty promises people make. I feel trust is the most important thing between two friends. If I can’t trust the person, I don’t know if we can still be friends.

I pray to you, Rita, to give me strength, to get over this low time of my life.



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