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As I was paddleboarding yesterday at the north coast beach of Taiwan, I encountered a situation. Just when I was about to start my journey on my paddleboard, a life guard driving ATV came towards me and started whistling. At first, I thought he was attempting to stop me but then I thought why would he because I had all the proper gears and it was a pretty calm day. Then I saw there are two teenagers behind me standing in the ocean with half of the body in the water. I didn’t think much of it because they weren’t too far out in the ocean but as the life guard ordered them to come back and then they couldn’t. That was when I realized they were trapped. I observed the current a bit and came to the conclusion that there was a strong undertone current pulling outwards because it was changing from high tide to low and small waves were forming right around their position.

I didn’t think much about it after the realization what was happening and paddle straight towards the girl who was further out and looking scared. I instructed her to get on the board and that was when I understood that they were standing on rocks but couldn’t move because current were too strong and other than where they were standing, it was too deep. I could tell she was almost in tears but still very concerned about her friend. She asked me, “what about my friend?” I reassured her, “don’t worry, you are safe now and I will come back to get him once I drop you off.”

I went back for the 2nd time to get the boy, he was in somewhat of a shock as well. After I dropped him off, I went ahead with my journey since the life guard started talking to them. I told the story to a friend who is a life guard and he posted online. Some people are calling me hero but I think I just did something that anyone would have done in the situation.

I believe it is in our nature to help others. The news nowadays might not reflect that but we should have faith, at least in our friends, but a total stranger could have been that helping hand you needed right then.

The true giving is asking nothing in return, I am glad I did what I did.