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You Never Know…

At times, we feel our decision don’t matter at all so we choose what is the most convenient to us. 8 years ago, I learned how untrue that is, the hard way. Until this very day, I still can’t help but blame myself for what happened. I have told the story to a few close friends and most attempted to convince me that it really wasn’t me that caused it. However, I knew it would be a totally different story if I had gotten up that morning.

You never know… The littlest thing could be the difference between life and death. Life is really just too short to wait. Live, Love, Laugh… Carry on the torch. I have pushed myself hard to be a righteous and compassionate person. Sometimes I came really close on giving up, lose faith in humanity, and I know the little angel in heaven had helped regain my faith.

I will end this entry with this quote “Ask not what others have done for you but what you have done for others.”