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About Resignation and Being Responsible

Things happen in life, good or bad. A lot of time we don’t have control over. Many times, someone has to be responsible for what happened. Resignation from the leading (managerial) position somehow become the way to be responsible. I thought about this and I couldn’t see how this would change anything because you are the person in the position knows the situation the best and able to make a difference. Having a new person in that position, the person would first need to understand the environment and get support from the others before one can make a difference.

Yes, when bad things happen around us when we are in charge of the position would very likely make us feel guilty and helpless. The most important things you could do at the time is to do your best to help out the situation. However, resignation after, in my opinion, is not being responsible. For me, being responsible to re-assessing the whole settings and making changes to reduce or, even better, to prevent the same thing from happening again.

I have had my share of bad things happened to me in the past. To resign pretty much means I would have to take my own life. Instead, I made myself and the person a promise that I will do my best to change and to make the world better. I think that is taking responsibility.



Giving Back!

Throughout our lives, we take a lot of things from others. I feel it is important to give back, even just a little. Sometimes it’s not about how much we give back but the fact that we care and do something about it.

As an outdoorsy person, I take a lot from the nature. While I do my best on not costing any damage but it is not always possible. Today, I went to help out a clean-up effort at the best rock climbing spot in Taiwan, Long Dong. Weather was rather decent and we got a lot of stuff done. I was a little disappointed about the turnouts. I know lots more people climb there more often than I do.

I guess all I am saying is that we should be mindful with taking things and be sure to give back when we can. I think it would make the world a much better place.

Back with a Project – Appreciate and Connect

It’s been a long time since I last published anything on the web. I am still alive and well. Just going through some things that took me away from blogging. Mainly, I found myself too attached to the things in the past to make friends in my new settings. Finally, new friends and better life style. I am back and ready for more 🙂

Now I am back with a project. I don’t quite have a name for it just yet but what I will do is writing letters/emails to people in my life that I appreciate and reconnect with those friends far away. This might seem very controversial to what I just stopped myself from doing. I think it’s also because I wasn’t able to find a good balance between keeping in touch and living in the moment.