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Walk That Extra Mile…

Often times I found myself making this decision while I was traveling and exploring, “should I turn back now? or should I keep going for a little longer?” 90% of the time, I chose to keep going and I must say, it has yet to let me down. I think in my life, I push myself to pursue for the moment that takes my breath away and scream “YES!!!!” And trust me, I am not kidding about the screaming part, I did that twice this weekend.

So… What is so hard about that extra mile? Let me put it in context for you, when would you actually ask yourself the question I mentioned? When you have plenty of time and lots of energy? No, of course not. You would only ask yourself that question when you are exhausted and the time is running out. In another word, you are putting yourself on the line, a risky situation, you would be, vulnerable.

But perhaps you are just that extra mile away from the spectacular view beyond your imagination, something out of your expectation. I was reminded of that in the past two days. I was so touched by the view I yell “YES” out loud. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something. Anyway, I want to encourage everyone to keep pushing for the limit because you never know what is at the end of that tunnel!


My Stupid Principle and I

Although I love doing spontaneous things and go all crazy doing random stuff. However, there are some guidelines of my own which I follow. I guess they are based on my personal belief and they are important to me.

I would agree that my principle sometimes get in a way of making things easy but perhaps that is because I love the challenge. Anyway, my main point of writing this entry is because I know in my mind, that if you were anywhere near me, I would totally ask you to be my girl. That is simply something I would not do over emails or phone because I found it important and personal that I would only do such a thing face to face.

That might be a good thing, so you are not put into a weird situation. I think I am thinking way too much into this tonight.


Media and Excuses

The almighty media impacts our lives sometimes even without us noticing. This is probably a fact that many can agree. I had an epiphany while watching a commercial about a piece of workout equipment. When I heard the line “losing weight is difficult and many people give up after trying.” I realized that this statement gave the public the idea that we, as regular folks, are not able to lose weight because it is difficult. We are given the excuse that we need to justify why we can’t or even try to lose weight and be health.

Some of you might say to me, “who are you to say that losing weight is not difficult?” Well, I happened to be doing that these days. I was very fit and healthy when I left the US and come back to do civil service but the long period of waiting to start the actual time, I gained about 20 pounds in 5 months. I have started regular workout, watching how much I eat, and avoid sweets. I still eat regularly, just the proper amount. I don’t cut meals because I think it is unhealthy. I am proud to say that I have lost 10 pounds in the past 45 days. I agree that it would take some effort but it is without a doubt, possible and doable for anyone. I also learned a lot through this process, for example, how to read nutrition facts, how much calorie I need to burn for 1 kg (~7000kcal), etc.

Nevertheless, media is not all bad, great message can also spread because of it. We just need to be selective and not to use them as excuses for not trying. We can do more than we know, we just have to do our best.


The Origin

All things start somewhere… Doesn’t matter if it’s the simplest thing or the craziest Guinness World Record. Someone must have start it. It is difficult to be original nowadays and yet many strife to be. While I admire their courage and effort, I remind myself that we are, each and everyone of us, already unique and original. I think it is great to make something of ourselves but let’s not forget how we become who we are and the people who were with us among the road.

I give a lot of credits to many people who had helped me shaping me to become the one of a kind person today. My parents, high school friends and teachers, Jacobs University, Up with People, Carroll University, and all the people who had shown me the world that I have not noticed and how much more to see.

Nevertheless, as I spread my wings to see all parts of the world, I need to embraced my root, the part of me that is Taiwanese. I realized that although my perspectives and behaviors have changed over the year, but the core value which I learned from my parents have been the same. I remembered myself writing a small research paper during high school about the four essential value of Confucianism and found out how much I still follow those standards of “The Way of Gentleman.”

Perhaps everyone should study a little of the culture that is around and maybe you would find out why you are the way you are.



My Kind of Weekend

It’s been a long time that northern Taiwan has good weather during the weekend. Of course, I would not let this opportunity slip through my hand. Like I always say to others, when you see an opportunity, take it!

I woke up early in the morning on Saturday, took the MRT and hand right straight for the Sanzhi cherry blossom. I thought I could beat the crowd but I was wrong, so WRONG! Nevertheless, the view was totally worth it. After getting back to Tamsui, I rent a bike for only 150 NT per day (5 USD) and started biking along the coast. I forgot my swimsuit… and that is certainly a mistake when I got to the beach. Even though the water still kinda cold but I knew myself that I would have jumped in no matter what.

I had a quick lunch after returning the bike and I went to meet up with the others at the basketball court. After playing for a hour and half, my legs started cramping a little… I then sat out for about good half hour to rest them. While watching the guys got beaten by others, I decided that it was time to play again. I was able to keep going for another hour until I figured it is for the best I stop before the cramp came back to haunt me. I think that was a smart idea. Shower couldn’t feel any better that night and dinner was delicious. A great night sleep and in my mind, that was a great day.

If you are interested in seeing some of the pictures, click HERE.


Earthquake, the aftermath in Japan

Today I saw on the news how the life is for those Japanese who were effected by the earthquake last year. I had tears in my eyes because I sympathize them. I thought to myself, I am a very fortunate person. I have a shelter, food, and entertainment. Many Taiwanese went to Japan volunteering their time to help, I honor and admire them. I truly wish I could be one of them. I couldn’t because of the restriction on my military condition. So many things we can do in this world to make more people happy and yet I still hear people dissatisfied with their phone isn’t the newest iphone or their life is miserable because they have to work 50 hours a week. To think that there are people suffering from hunger, natural disaster, and homeless, any of my problem seem so insignificant.

I do my best to contribute, doing stuff like helping kids with their homework, give the seat to a more needed person in public transit, or simply being polite and friendly to people. I think a question we should ask ourselves often, “what have I done these days to make the world a better place?”


A Guy Who Travels

I recently read a blog entry called “Date A Girl Who Travels” and it is about why a guy should date a girl who travels and what unique personalities a girl who travels has. Honestly, I would love to date a girl who loves traveling and adventures as much as I do.

I thought to myself, what special traits would a guy who enjoys exploring like me would have. I certainly always carry a pocket knife with me which could come in handy. I would always have that extra layer jacket in my backpack for whoever is cold. I became much more eager to help people because those helping hands I have received throughout the travel. I rather deal with problems than whining about them because it is much more practical and efficient. I found myself more flexible from facing all the unexpected happening in my journey. I am more spontaneous and yet able to plan things well because all the experience I had. I am romantic because I will take a girl to the most beautiful spot I know and show her how wonderful life could be, to enjoy the simplest thing in life. It is interesting that how much traveling has changed me from a city boy to an independent adult who is eager to see and learn new things.

Girls, if you ever found a guy who loves traveling and he loves you. Join his adventure, he would show you a different point of view and the secret sanctuary he found. At times, you might split apart for whatever reason, but no matter the distance, he would always find his way back to you because deep down, you are the safe harbor that he has been looking for all along in his life.