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Amy Purdy – An Inspiring Story

I came across this story today through a friend, really love it…

Now… How would you want your story to go?



Keep Walking and Exploring

Here are some more pictures of my recent adventures:

Pingxi (Shifan Waterfall)

Keelung Coast


Is it possible to have feelings for someone who is miles away across the sea? If I have a vote on this, I think I would vote for yes. For someone who found emotional bonds are more important than the physical bond. I realize that many things are not meant to just happen, things develop over time, and you become attached to them. This dependence can be good or bad… Maybe that is why some people keep going back to their abusive ex-spouse. I found myself hoping a visit from the distant land even though knowing the possibility is slim to none. Hope, keeps us going. All I really want is to keep this relationship as it is… I can’t ask for more.



I think as a Taiwanese who study abroad for so many years, it is about time I talk a little bit about Jeremy Lin. First and foremost, my sincere congratulation to Jeremy who worked so hard and archived his dream. The obstacles he has faced and the journey he has been through. What does it all mean to me? More than you could image…

I used to dream of playing professional basketball. Since junior high school, I had worked very hard on the fundamentals of basketball. All that effort was paying off during my senior high school already. I was in the starting line-up of the school team since sophomore year. Of course, I did not stopped there. I keep doing my best and during my college year in Germany, I was in the university team as well. Finally, I join the lowest amateur league in Germany and hoping that it would lead me to professional career one day. Just as I made my big breaks with assist and 3-pointers, I was injured. meniscus torn and I had to have an operation because the torn was too big to heal. My dream ended there because high impact sport is no longer a good idea for my knee condition.

Honestly, I had tears in my eyes when I watch Jeremy playing basketball on the big stage because it feels like he has accomplished my dream for me. Most importantly, he is so humble and friendly. I am glad that people in the world get to see a different kind of athlete and positivity.


The Adventure Continues…

I reported to the school on 1/30 and it’s been about 10 days. I went to see the Hoping Island before I started and I had the opportunity during the weekend to see the sky lantern festival. It is pretty amazing. Here are two pictures which are linked to more awesome pictures:

Hoping Island:

Sky Lantern Festival: