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Week One of Civil Service Boot Camp

I have officially started my chapter of civil service and the first week has already passed by. Honestly, it is not so bad at the boot camp, of course, that is also because this is only for the civil service cadets.

The captains have been yelling at us a lot, not to me personally, yet. I think I would thank myself for paying attention and managing my own time very well. The most important thing is, if you have any problem or concern, bring it up to captains immediately, they will help you when the request is legitimate. Hence, I do not worry much in camp, just obey and get things done, it is not hard at all.

Nonetheless, I felt that there are a lot of immature people in the unit. Tough luck, good thing that they are in my sub-unit so hopefully I will not be punished for their foolish action. Personally, I think the requests from the captains are for our own good and I do not find them unreasonable. Therefore, it is easy for me to follow them.

Food is pretty decent at camp. I always have enough to eat during meal. The haircut lady miss a hair right at the forehead… Oh well… The only difficult thing I had to work on a lot are memorizing all the lyrics and spirit calls. So many of them and yet so little time.

No time to waste, I want to rest more, so more next time…