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Learn from Life

I believe life itself is a learning experience. This statement has been made several times in my blog. To reflect upon them is the essential step to in order to gain from it. I find the need to reflect upon my latest experiences, the canoeing trip and the road trip.

Canoeing trip, of course, a great reminder of what nature has to offer and what fun we could possibly have in the wild. Practically, I gained a great hand-on experience on canoeing, in another word, how to steer at front and back, and power paddling, etc. At the same time, how to pack for a multiple river trip, equipments (dry sack, clothing, etc). Although the camping part was not unfamiliar to me because the trips I have done during my years in Switzerland. The variety of food was still very impressive to me, pizza, chillies, the great used of instant rice. The tarp for campsite and the knot was used (trucker’s hitch knot). The trick that can be used to mix up groups with in a group. The little enjoyable things in life.

Road trip was a brand new experience to me, nothing like backpacking and hopping on trains. I will list them for myself to better my thought process.

  • Destination – I think it’s good to have a furthest location that you really want to go in mind and know the distance between where you are and that destination. It will help you to budget and research for where in between you could possibly go. I feel like road trip is such a free spirit thing, it was proven difficult to really to be organized. Nevertheless, traveling in a group, you want to make sure including everyone’s “must go.” At the end of the day, sacrifice might need to be made. Just embrace what you can and make the most out of it.
  • Time – As much as you can afford to allocate, my biggest regard for the trip is that I didn’t have enough time for a lot of places that I fall in love with. Of course, as you travel, plan changes, be flexible. Just don’t forget to enjoy the moment you get to spend at the place you are. However, if you do have a somewhat schedule trip, try to add two days extra because you can never predict what is going to happen, snowstorm or severe weather.
  • Companion – Choose carefully, unless you are doing it alone (not recommended because there is a lot of driving to be done). You will be spending however long with these people and there will be no escape. What are the things to keep in mind? Well, for example, the priorities. I had a very different priority comparing to some that was in the trip. It frustrated me at times because I found my time could be better spend and more rewarding to everyone. Personality clashes was definitely not a part I enjoy on the trip. However, it gave me the opportunity to work on my temper, the spirit to keep the group together by doing my own part. Although I think it would be fun to travel with people you don’t know well. I think it would be even better to spend the trip of your life time with your friends.
  • Budget – One of the hardest thing but the most important part to remember is your overhead spending, mainly, gas and lounging. Food, you can bring can goods to cut a lot of cost. However, at the same time, remind yourself you are on vacation, a trip to open eyes, to experience new things… One thing people can’t ever take away from you is your experience. We can earn money, hard or easy. But prepare to bleed a little and remember what is more important to you. Money or a story to tell?

This is what comes to mind so far… Sure there are more and I welcome comments and questions. Please let me know!