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What Next?

The question still remains unanswered. I still have no idea when I will be going back to Taiwan, what I am doing afterward. I am still waiting for IUB (Indiana University) to get back to me, therefore, there is still hope. However, I am looking at other options now. It’s never a bad idea to prepare and have more opportunities. I personally feel that although we believed a lot of things are decided by fate, I still think we have more control over our lives than we can image.

I am exploring the possibilities of phd program in Australia. So far I found 2 potential schools and I will be looking into the deadlines very soon.

Plans, probably none at the moment, sad but true. I will have to play it by ear this time…



Opportunities in Life

We have one life with limited opportunities… I feel that if we encounter one, we should take a chance to see how far we can get. I understand the constrain of money and other things but somehow I feel that it’s all because our needs to feel secure. The need to be sure that we will be fine even if we take the chance. Perhaps, it is due to the lack of will to really pursue those opportunities. I believe if we really want to, we can make lots of things happen.

I guess I am just saying, why not risk some and see what we are made of… For what’s worth, we did our best and it’s better than not knowing what could of happened.


Take a Moment, Help Others, Relax

Spring break 2011, I once again join the habitat trip, same as last two year.

A trip that allows me to help other and yet take a moment for myself. I don’t know why I don’t do it as much as I use to anymore. I used to be very active with Habitat, Circle K, and volunteer my time with Education Department. I am glad I kept up with this one and still contribute to help the others.

This year we went to Flagler Beach, FL. We went there last year as well, it has became very familiar to me and I was glad. I went to watch sunrise every morning, to have that little time for myself. Just chill out at the beach and listen to the sea. At the same time, working hard to help people in need.

I thought about Japan… It is tragic there and yet I can’t do much about it.

Nevertheless, the trip was great fun. I saw dolphin during sunrise, I learn how to put on siding and framing. I made new friends. Best of all I was able to have some time for just myself, surf, and enjoy life. It was difficult to have some “me” time because people always want to do things together. I was annoyed by that sometimes.

I took a lot less picture because of the excessive SLD on the trip. Whatever, as long as I record my memory. It’s all good 🙂 and it was good one!


Lose Track of Myself

Since I was sick, I have withdrawn myself from the world. It was hard for me to be positive and social. On one hand, life was on a good track with job, balancing income and making it eventful; on the other hand, I was alone a lot, lost contact with many friends.

I lose track of myself, the person I want to be. It was good to realize and able to adjust that.  The quote “it’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you,” reminded me what I must do. Another March 14th passed, I pray for your blessing, Rita. Perhaps you were the one who help me to get myself together once again, as my guardian angel. Rest in peace, my friend!

As tax return gave me some money I did not think I have. I was able to purchase some new equipment to improve the joy in life. Helmet for kayaking and climbing, hammock for camping, and stoppers for climbing too.

I will write about my spring break and all other fun stuff later.