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More to Life

There is more to life than working, studying, or whatever we do everyday in routine. I want to experience life, therefore I have my to do list. On one hand, it helps me to set goals, on the other, it reminds me to live a life.

I have done the following from the list:

  • Snowboarding at Tyrol Basin
  • Ice Climb at Governor’s Dodge
  • Snowshoeing at Kettle Moraine Southern Unit (I hiked it, at night, not enough snow for snowshoeing)

Now as the spring arrive, I am planning on the next adventures, for that I have bought some new assets for my adventure. New hiking boots would be the best of them all.

A trip to Red River Gorge is being plan in late April, Door County in mid April, possibly Boundary Water in beg May. Of course, the upcoming Habitat Trip to FL.

In the end, I want to pray for Japan and all the people there. Nature is a strong force, let’s not forget that.