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Watch Sunset

I read an article today about watching sunset while I was preparing the listening assessment for ESL course.

Basically, the writer is telling us to work hard but remember to punch out at five o’clock. Enjoy the sunset, have dinner with your family, or that simple thing in life you like doing. I can’t agree more. I, myself, is somewhat a workaholic. Maybe it has something to do with my work ethic. Nevertheless, I still strive to have balance. The point is, don’t forget to take a rest when you deserve it.

Life update, I went to Tyrol Basin, must say, it’s a pretty nice little resort, good terrain park. Possibly snowshoeing tomorrow, that would be sweet. Got a great deal on an introduction course for scuba diving. Pretty excited about that. Must say, when life presents you with an opportunity, jump on-board! Of course, it would be nice if my financial stand point is better prepared.



To Do List for Spring 2011

Here are a list of things I want to do this coming 6 months… Please let me know what else is cool to do around Wisconsin in winter and spring!

  • Snowboarding at Tyrol Basin
  • Overnight Kayaking Trip (1 nights minimum, currently considering Rock River or Wisconsin River)
  • Explore Door County (Camp, Hike, Kayak, etc)
  • Explore Apostle Island (Camp, Hike, Kayak, etc)
  • Ice Climb at Governor’s Dodge
  • Snowshoeing at Kettle Moraine Southern Unit
  • Bike to Madison (This one I am not 100% sure but I want to do an overnight biking trip)
  • Surf at Sheboygan
  • Wakeboarding

A very short list so far but will add more if I get some interesting ideas! Let me know what else awesome is there to do!! Or if you are interested in being part of my events, let me know!


Ice Climbing and Future

Just got back from an super fun trip ice climbing in MN. Special thanks to the Finkowski family for hosting and guiding me to this wonderful opportunity to start off the year. I was exhausted but now ready for more adventure!

As far as the next step, got my schedule for the coming semester for ESL. 7 hours a week, it’s going to be a good challenge and experience. Better paid as well, finally really get my foot in the door into the higher education world 🙂

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