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Summary of 2010

Today is the last day of 2010, I think it’s a good day to think about what I have done and accomplished this year.

2010 was full of adventure:

  • During spring break, I was in FL building house with Habitat, watching sunrise at the beach and surf
  • In Chicago for the different museum
  • Trips down to Red River Gorge for some awesome climbing
  • Trip to Hawaii for a super fantastic time climbing, sailing, surfing, sea kayaking, and hiking
  • Several nice kayaking time on Lake Michigan and several different rivers
  • Chill at Bradford beach.
  • Climbing and wedding trip in Colorado
  • Snowboarding trip in Breckenridge
  • Badger and Packer game
  • Of course, Devil’s Devil climbing trips, too many of those to count 😛

WOW, I would say that is a pretty awesome year, wouldn’t you think so 🙂 I am sure I forgot some events.

I was the recipient of Faculty of Education Award for Excellence and finished with my MEd. degree with a 3.96 GPA. I am proud of these.

And 2011 will start with ice climbing trip… that’s a pretty good start 😀



Things I Love

Just want to list a few things I love…

I love the outdoor, the nature, I love sport. Basketball, ice climbing, climbing, snowboarding… there are so much things the world has to offer. I love the lazy days too and right now, I am enjoying the sore muscle from the condition I did the day before 🙂



Everyone has different priorities and I feel those priorities change over time. Maybe some people call it being more mature or force by the nature of life.

I never really gotten into drinking, sure, it is fun sometimes but it definitely is not any close to top of my priorities. I can have lots of fun without drinking. I guess, this might came with time or things we have done so we have experienced with other alternatives for fun. Either way, maybe what I am suggesting here is to expose your children to more activities so they can find a great alternative for their own happiness.

I have a lot of those, from climbing to traveling, reading to watching movie.

Another point is, I guess should think about our priorities. Life is better when we know what is a good for us.