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Inspiration – Follow Your Dream

Everyone needs inspiration. I was inspired by Susan Boyle who never gave up her dream. She follow her dream and made it real. I am very moved by this video in so many different ways. It reminded again why we shouldn’t judge the book from its covered. It pushes me to not to give up and be persistent. I want to share this with you.



Refocus and Push Through

Just last bit of this Masters degree, I can see the light. I need to focus and finish the last part of this chapter.

On the other note, I know what I need to get back doing. I realized I have been concentrating on my schoolwork and job so much I have forgotten to live a little, in many different ways.

Anyway, I feel like I am ready for more that life has to offer. Whether or not I find it, that would be a whole other story, but I will start looking.


Reasons to be Alone

I like to spend time alone, by myself. I need that person time every once a while. I always can use the time to think about myself, to reflect, and to re-adjust myself to move on to the right path.

This is what I will be doing this thanksgiving… I have realized I am not who I want to be. Well, not totally but I know I can do better. What comes out of this time alone is another story but the point is trying to take a moment, reflect, and be better.



In our life, there are many moment and times we have absolute no control over. Whether it is a scratch card or applying school or job, we can’t really predict the outcome. This is related to my last post, fear of the unknown. We can’t control lots of things and we need to learn to accept the fact and live with it.

However, I personally do expect people to keep their words. I wish my GRE score arrive to my grad schools already, recommendation letter arrive in time… all that good stuff. I understand I can’t do anything about the decision or how to speed up the process. All I can do is to have faith and do my best to allow the situation to be in my favor. I guess that what we all should remember. Give it our best shot!


Fear and Risk

I am applying only two graduate school for PhD program. Ever since I finally understand my calling in the field of education and interacting with people. This is the one thing I fear the most. Getting into a PhD program that will provide me enough financial aid to finish my degree.

I am pretty much rolling dies now. Both school are ranked top 10 in the Unite States. Even though I have great GPA in this current degree. My undergraduate GPA was terrible and my GRE isn’t exactly the best.

But understand this, dear readers, if I don’t try, I will never get in. This is how things work, nothing will ever happen if we don’t do anything about it. Sure, we fear of rejection and unknown what would be next. But all things aside, in order to make our dream come true, we must take the risk and face our fear.

Wish me luck, I guess… On the side note, I guess there is nothing with that girl. Kinda glad, especially when I don’t even know what is next with me.


Spell it Out

Just when I thought it was nothing. She wrote it again… Girls, I don’t know what you all think but if you write “I like you” to me, I don’t know how exactly to response to that. As friends, I wouldn’t really use the phrase and yet if you wish me to do more… I really need you to spell it out. Just because the fact that I am really oblivious with relationship related stuff (as in, even if you spell it out, I might not still get it). I feel bad not responding because I don’t what to write. Arg, bad position.

Otherwise, life is pretty good. I guess I need to get things done but like I said, things are falling on track. I wish I know what is going on with that girl, that is all…



Tonight I finally got around to watch the movie Ip Man, thanks to the convenience of Netflix. It brings back a lot of memories and reminded me a lot of things.

I have forgotten the years I was so into martial art and the value behind. The value of challenging ourselves, to stay health, to be one with the nature, and to appreciate all life. It all came back to me… I have decided to pick it back up again, not only for health but also because it had a great influence to who I am today.

I feel that we tend to forget the value of ourselves and sometimes under appreciate ourselves. I feel that we often focus on what is wrong but overlook what is right. I think we should all sit down for a moment and think about things that we are good at, even the simplest like making a great cup of coffee. Have a little more confidence. I think we need to believe in ourselves and that will lead us to be even more helpful to the others.