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I dream about the day when it all happened. I woke up… can’t fall back to sleep.

I wish I can say I live with no regret. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I definitely wish I can take back that day. Then you will be alive today. I am sorry for what I have done and feel terribly sorry that someone else had to carry the weight of your death. It could have been prevented if I was not so lazy.

It’s been almost 5 years… I have lived up to the promise I made in front of your grave. Please keep me going my dear friend, because I know your kindness and energy could continue in this world from beyond.


Just One Chance

I might not be what you want but I sure will be the best I can be.
I might not be a firm believer of God but for you I will pray.
All I want, is one chance…

No… Not This Time

I am very flexible and easy-going… sometimes can be mistaken that I am a push-over…  Even I think that I from time to time are too nice to people who might not deserved it. But hey, forgiveness is a great strength, not a weakness.

Nevertheless, I will still draw the line when it is just not right. Stand up for myself. Because we all only have one life, there are so much we can accomplish. None of us want to live with regret when we can do something about it.

This remind myself, although so much in life we have no control over. Do not forget the fact that there are still many things we do.. I made a good choice even though I was wrong at first. I will keep on making decision and doing I have believe is great.