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My new thesis motto: "One page a day, keep the stress away!"


Eventually I will need to write a statement for my PhD application, I thought about why I want to walk this path. Here are a few thoughts.

Education is not a field of instant glory, like finding the cure of cancer or winning an Olympics gold medal. There is no magic bullet solution to the problem we face for education. Nevertheless, every research and finding help us to improve the world for the better. I think the power of education is supreme, it can change a person’s future with the potential to change the world for the better.

Education, is not only in our classroom, it is all around us. The nature, diverse culture, and much else in life have so much to offer if we pay attention to the detail. I think that is what education is about. It’s help people to develop skills for lifelong learning, critical thinking ability, the mind to better the life quality of humankind, and reach their potential.

This is what I thought about so far…


Tired of the Dance

Sick and tired of playing the "game"… tired of having to take the initiative, tired of giving effort, tired of having to wait… I know I took it too seriously so I think I should just give myself a break. Why bother if they don’t? I am just tired…


Go Away from Me!!!

Slowly, someone is driving me crazy with her attitude!!

You are not the boss of me, you have no right to judge, I should be able to do what I like to do when I am not bothering anyone. I can careless about what you think!!! You know what? You have no friends and I thought I should stick around to support you, now I have second thought.

It’s tiring to have to tolerant the acts. I will not put up with it anymore.



I believe in miracle…

We never know and that is what makes life all so interesting. You can be the one in a million, the person against all odds. You never know… you can be the one… maybe the moment is just not right.

I also believe that nothing worth having comes easy, we have to put effort into things. It can be our belief or our dream. Miracle doesn’t just happen… It happens because we believe and act according to our belief.