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It Is About…

A speaker said… "Believe or not, you have control of your life…" For the most part, I agree with him… although I know that there are just times that things are beyond your control, doesn’t matter how much you prepare…

I think the most important thing he said was… "You must know how important it is to you and what have you done to archive it…" Basically, how bad do you really want it and if you actually put effort into making it happen. I think that is the ultimate way to live a successful life.



Discovery, Venture, and Life

Just feel like writing somethings… since it is another year.

I am still making discovering about myself as always. Anyway, I love this sentence I heard the other day "Things worth having never come easy." I love adventure and it bugs me that I am so limited to do much these days.

I need to get more active and get back in the game. I want to be who I used to be and who I really am…