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Understanding and Disappointment

I think it is important to understand that everyone has their own life and things come up unexpected. I do my best to be understanding when friends can’t keep their words for circumstances that is out of our control because that’s what friends do.

Nevertheless, we must understand that behind that understanding and flexibility, there is still disappointment. For me, all I ask is honesty in this case, for whatever reason it is, I just want to know the truth. It is better than finding out the lie. I think that’s the least we can do to our friend in times that we can’t keep our words.




I have become so adaptable throughout my quarter century of living. However, this also means that I am generally very accepting. The bottom-line for me has always been a good heart, someone who cares for the others and acts accordingly. Most other things are just a plus. However, that could mean the person might not have lots of same interest as I do. Camping, nature loving, sport, fishing, traveling, etc… I think I am willing to make that compromise but I do not if it would be the best thing to do. Oh well, when it finds me, then we will see.


Comments on Friendship

I think friendship is a both way street. What I mean is that if your friend ask you out to do something, you should ask them out to do something too. I don’t think it’s so much of a friendship if one person has always put effort into organizing and inviting another to do something together. Even if just starting a conversation. I think that sometimes gets me… It annoys me when I have to initial some stuff all the time… I get the feeling that I am desperate for the friendship or something. Ok, personality might have something to do with that but if you really care about the friendship, step up!

I treasure my friends but I will not keep on being the person running after them. It’s not about pride but whenever I did it, I feel drained. A simple note makes a great difference, let your friends know that you care.



I always tell people that where I go next depends… Most often time, the fact is that I am so flexible that I want to make my decision to best fit people who meant a lot to me. It is not really always the best thing and it has caused me a lot of pain and disappointment in my life.

The next big decision for me is where I will apply my grad school for my PhD. Madison is a good option but perhaps not what I really want. There are so many options out there… Europe, Australia, and lots of different location in US. Of course, probably staying in US is the best option of all since I have a car and all that. However, there are so much more to see, learn, and explore…

What do I really want? I should rethink about the next step.