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So long… Hector

This is an entry to honor a friend… Hector, who passed away in an accident. A great guy, passionate, and friendly. He was on the process of joining doctors without borders. I am sad that he is no longer able to do it. I can’t live that dream for him but I will do what I can to make this world better, the same promise I made to Rita.

I just hope I don’t overload myself with things. Just organized 3 events in the past 30 hours. That was tough. All the logistics behind it and hoping people actually show up. I need to remember writing thank you notes, etc to wrap things up.

You get what you get… work hard and at least you deserve a chance. I am a little uncertain as to what I want to really do next but I am sure there are many options. Interesting that someone said my collection in life is experience. How true, I love trying things out. Just live it and hope for the best. Life is really too short…


That’s It!

Someone in the house ate my last Kit-Kat today and really did not light up the mood… thankfully I have been in pretty good mood the whole day. I think we must realize sometimes, how much little things matter. This Kit-Kat disappearance really killed my good mood for a little while. I was so looking forward having it and I was hungry too! No note, no nothing. It was gone… forever… Of course, this applies to much more things in life. A phone call, a text message, or just a simple thank you. I do my best not to let my bad mood affecting others. However, do not forget about the fact that I am a person who value fairness greatly. I am not going to bother treating you nicely if all you do is the opposite or ignoring me. I would walk away when I think I have enough.

Anyway, I went helping out at a habitat site this Saturday, did not end up doing much because the site was a little disorganized. Sunday was fun, went paint balling for 5 hours and won my first official game, got a few kills and survived most games (75% survival rate, I think it’s pretty good). A good night sleep, finally, and woke up early today. Productive so far and looking forward to the Packer-Viking Game!