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Enough is enough…

I read a news article yesterday… Just thought it would be a nice thing for someone to know since it’s something that person do and should be notified of its effect. Let’s just say, I will stop trying, cause every time I do… I ended up feeling stupid.

Maybe it’s like what I wrote before, it’s just how I wanted to see things according to my mind set to this particular situation. I am just tired of getting the phony tone and criticism for the things I do.

Not to a person I talked bad about this person, the whole thing… But I must say now, it’s all too much… I am tired of it… It’s annoying me greatly and I will stop doing anything about it.


Summer Vacation

Finally, a little update of my summer… I went back to Waukesha for two days. Kinda went out for a date with her and it was a really great time! Too bad that I had to leave next day.

It was really relaxing at my sister’s place. I went to the beach but there was no wave to surf, walked for 6 hours in San Francisco until my legs were giving up on me.

Back to Taiwan, went to China… impressive experience. The history, the architecture, the city, and all there is…


On the move again…

A milestone of my life. I am certified as a SIT TESOL English teacher. This opens lots of door for me in the future. Does that mean I will be moving? Not really… It just means that I will have more options.

Tomorrow I will leave Chicago back to the Sha for two days. Then CA for a few days… Home for a while. On the move again… Not really a big fan when I feel I have something better to do. Oh well… I hope I will get to see her on Tuesday and go watch a movie or something. Sigh… I want to stay…

I had the last two days off… watch some firework and thought about the future. Thinking about how to make things work and how to put the pieces together. I have some idea and I hope it will work… So much wishful thinking again. I always have to remind myself actions speaks stronger than words.