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1 Last Lesson…

Just 1 last lesson I need to plan and a week left for this TESOL class. I feel very confident and I know that I will definitely be certified. If not the 1st, I am at least the 2nd best in class. Oh well, glad that I will have this in the back pocket. At the same time, if Carroll does start a ESL course then I could even start working and build some resume and experience. That would be great!

Lately, I feel I have been a little flaky with my feelings. I really really don’t like that. However, I do know that once I am totally committed, I would not be like this. I wish that would happen soon… but it’s just bad timing… sigh… I will just have to stay in control…



Tears in my eye…

I felt quite depressed the night before my 26th birthday… I am very low key about my birthday… but I felt really sad having no close friends around me this time. I don’t know why. It’s not the first time I have spent my birthday particularly alone… I don’t tell people about my birthday nor really care about people remembering my birthday.

The fact that three of my best friends did not connect with me on my birthday does make me feel quite sad. But it really doesn’t bother me that much. I have been really busy anyway and I am sure most of them are…

Oh well… I don’t ask much from people… but I do hope finding someone that would care for me as much as I care. We said there are plenty of fishes in the sea… I say I just want to find that right penguin.



Finally have time to reflect on some of the things happened in the past week and month. This TESOL course keeps me very busy but I definitely enjoy the training a lot. I feel like I am grasping the concept really well and it’s all about using it more and putting it together even better. I sense that my experience with Up with People helps me a lot facing public and taught me how to draw energy from nowhere… I can do it… I know that but I still need to keep working hard.

One sad thing I feel I need to mention… I feel like I walk away from someone I was once really good friend with… which never in my life I have done so. I don’t know. I feel it was too much for me and I don’t feel I can bear to be treated the way I was treated at the very end. Nevertheless, the promise I stated, I will keep. More than happy to help whenever I am needed but I don’t think things will ever get much better in the long run. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that… To be mean to people it’s just not my thing… We will see…


Rolling in Chicago

This is my 4th day in Chicago… and so many stories to share already about this adventure. I locked the car key in the car when I went to pump gas… play catch with my host brother and misjudge the ball… got hit by the collar bone… disoriented in Chicago (not lost, disoriented ) and taking the late night train back.

It’s tiring and I am doing my best getting used to this new routine. The method which my training course is taught feels so familiar and the people in class seem very nice. Well, there are only eight of us (including the trainers).

I am excited and nervous about this whole thing still. Already assignments to be done and things to do. Really want smooth sailing but I don’t see it happening. Well, I will do the best I can as usual.

Being away from Waukesha gives me a good chance to sort out a lot of things. To think through stuff. It’s great! I finally know better… I miss the little blonde… She cheers me up and yet somehow I don’t want to appears to be too needy. lol. I am complicated like that…