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Lack of Sleep…

I don’t have much motivation these days to do anything related to school. Although all I have left is one last paper to write and another one that just need to put in some citation in it. On top of all that, I am lack of sleep, not that I don’t have time to sleep but I can’t fall asleep… lol… insomnia… Not really cool.

No idea exactly the reason why but usually it only happens when I have things in mind… Do I? Well, we always do… I feel that sometimes I rather not speak than speak of the truth. There are some things better remain unspoken… whether it could be hurtful to others, untrue, or not going to be kept. I look back at this past year, I realized how gullible I still am… I still take a lot of people’s word for word and only found out later on that those words are merely words. Those words made those people sound so great until that mask shattered. I don’t regret one bit for believing, and I will continue being that way. I think that’s what it takes to really get to know a person.

Based on the social psychology, we tend to interact with people who are similar to us. "Birds of a Feather Flock Together." I find that statement very accurate although with some exceptions and only until this last month of the semester, I truly know who are my friends and who are the ones who are really going to be there when I am in need.

Here is a story when that happened. At one of the absolute worst nights I have here (I think there were only two… I am quite positive for the most part , and it wasn’t even that bad), instead of watching a movie with friends as she originally planned, she came to talk to me in the PIT (a student food place – mainly junk food). She cheered me up and made my night a whole lot better. She is an interesting person… Weird could be part of it too (That’s what she said, not me )… I don’t know many (or any, really) who sponsor a kid in developing country, out of her own pocket while still in college (apprx. 33 USD a month) so the kid could have a better future. I think that’s amazing. I have amazing friends and I am proud of them.

Now I better get back to my paper or I could only dream of straight A for this semester. This entry is for you, inspirational friend! Even although I know you probably don’t read my blog…



Slowly… Looking Forward…

As I finishing up my final projects which all weights more than 40% of my grades… I realized that the semester is slowly coming to an end. I am not sure if I am happy about it. I love the life I have now in so many different ways. I think it’s people who knows how to utilize the college resources are the ones who really enjoy their college experience. There are just so many things one can do, people to meet, and enjoy. Not enough time is probably the most common concern… finding that balance.

I am excited for what’s to come next year… Outdoor club and trips to natures, having a car to drive and go places, making new friends and having a good time with close friends. All I need to do now is to survive the summer. A relative crucial time and will play an important role in the future… The TEFL certification. It will basically allow me finding a job just about anywhere in the world.

Back to my common philosophical side. I started reading the book "The Last Lecture"… It makes me think… Well, not a surprise I guess. I think a LOT and probably too much… I guess since I am tired from all my assignments and stuff, I will leave this part for later… Just wait…


Busy Busy Busy

End of the semester is approaching… I started to get really busy with the final projects and all the meetings I have for the year to come. Running around from place to place and spending a lot of time in the lab to write paper…

Really do enjoy having things to do, at the same time, hoping I don’t have as much so I can spend more time with friends. Waking up early and think about what I have to get done everyday. I just hope with my spaceyness, I don’t forget any important meeting (I almost messed up my meeting with the provost.. that would of been bad… )

I must say I quite like how my life is going these days… climbing, going out in the wild… I miss doing all that since I left Switzerland.


Slumdog Millionaire

I recently watched the movie "Slumdog Millionaire." I must say, the movie is brilliant in so many different ways. At the same time, it makes me sad… the slums, gang, and the childhood of Jamal… Although it’s a "made-up" story but it is based on many truths. I said that because I have seen those realities with my own eyes. Slums exist in so many places and many children are used by people for profit. The truth is sometimes ugly but it’s the truth.

Perhaps the writer wishes to show the world, the side we don’t get to see. That’s why I think it was brilliant. Who’s job is it to change the status quote? It’s ours! We as a world is a team, and there is no such a thing as "it is not my job" because we are all part of it. Hence, it is "our job" and we all can do something about it one way or another, big or small. The important part of it is… "Go out and do something!" Volunteer for a day, sponsor a kid, or simply open doors for others. These are not hard things to do and it’s a good start to get things going. One step at a time.

Don’t become those with only words. "It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you." We can talk about changing the world all day long and say all the things we are, we want to be. But it’s our actions that bring the changes, that define us.

At the end… here is a video to be shared:


Easy Target?

Well, I have been picked on by friends a lot these days… I guess I am just an easy target. Too easy going and all that. Jess, Jake, Bri, Meg, etc etc… Oh well, at least I can make a fool of myself and not care. LOL. Anyway, life is good like this. Just make the best out of what I get.