Live, Love, Laugh

A Helping Hand

One question remains from last night. Especially after my really not enjoyable class just now which I hope will improve in the next session… Could you help a person who does not wish to be help? Or even… should you help at all?

I guess the answer to the second question is easier for me. Although I really don’t think there is a right answer for this one. I think we should, or at least do our best. The result of our effort might not be great or even worse, back fired, but it was worth the shot in my opinion. It probably depends on the person as well.. complicated stuff…

Could we help? I really don’t know… I think we all have our pride and that from time to time get in the way so we refuse to get help or to be helped. I feel that I was very much like that before… Many people are willing to help but can’t because we don’t accept the fact that we need it then we push them away. Especially our friends…

I think someone said that the friends who care about you tell you things that you don’t want to hear. I guess this might be the case… We say something because we don’t want to see friends going down the same road again and we feel that we should do something about it, even if the cost is friendship. But, could we really help when people don’t want to be helped? If I have to answer it… for me, it is maybe but probably a no… it’s sad to think that way but I can’t force people do things they don’t want to. Although I will attempt even if I will get a slap in the face… At least I give it a shot… and hope for the best…



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