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Sorting My Feelings

I feel that this break is very necessary for me… even though it’s not going to be so much of a break with final assignments due in less a week… but I really need some time to think about things that’s been going on in my life and sorting my feelings. I can’t do that when I in school… Just so much things I keep myself busy there. Physically or mentally…

‘You will make a long overdue decision’ – this was written on a fortune cookie I got right before the break… I laughed at the time because I know what exactly it was talking about.

All right, here it is… there is this girl (or woman… which one ever you prefer) that I have met and hang out with since I started my grad school. At first, she is just a friend… as the day passes and I slowly get to know her better, I realize how amazing and wonderful she is. She is adorable… but most importantly, she has a great heart… a beautiful heart full of love and caring. I always enjoy the time I spent her… I really like her… Well, the problem with me is that I am not really good in any way let her know how I feel.

I don’t know when to tell, how to tell, or what to say…. I feel that I want to try but I am pulling myself back…. story of my life… that’s a decision I will have to make… and I think it’s an important one….



Yesterday I experienced my first real US thanksgiving… it was really nice experience mainly because people are so welcoming to a stranger who doesn’t even look like them. I want to thank the Roethel family for that… particularly my buddies Jake and Josh.

Thanksgiving… a day to be thankful… to show appreciations. Here is a blog entry dedicated to that. Some might be very genetic but I mean what I say

I want to thank everyone who I have met in my life… You are what made my life a little more special and perhaps influence my life in one way or another.

To all my friends, no matter where you are and what you might be doing now… thank you all so much for being a friend. Especially those of you who keeps in touch. Thank you…

To my family… I know I never really show that much compassion, emotions, or appreciations with you all… I love you all… I really do… You have done a lot for me and I hope I have lived up your expectations so far.

This last one… is for my best friends… the ones really made a great difference in my life… Niek, Greet, and Popov… You guys have no idea… I don’t know if I am able to make it this far in my life. You were there when I needed you. Thank you!!

There are many things and people I am thankful for… I have not included and will not be able to include all of them… However, that does not mean I don’t appreciate…


Similarity and Difference

I am taking a course called "Developing Multicultural and Global Curricula." We discussed varies topics regarding how to create a good learning environment for every students to archive their potential. Diversity was often brought up to be one of the essential component to reach that goal. This means not only to diversify the course content but also foster a respectful atmosphere to respect and appreciate difference.

This morning after I woke up… I realized something… It is not only important to respect and appreciate difference… but that’s only the first step. It is to encourage students to find similarity, their common ground that they can connect with one another.

Looking at the bigger picture… I think somehow we are emphasizing too much on diversity and difference… so that’s what we always see. Although we respect and appreciate that… I feel that there is no connection between the people. Then we tend to forget the important thing… We are all HUMAN… we have the same needs… we desire love, food, and much else… Hence, I feel that though it is important to promote diversity, we have to also connect people together by finding the common ground and not forgetting the fact that we are all the same after all.



There are few things happened these days around me makes me wonder…  and since I am sick and don’t have much motivation to do much study now. I want to write about it… because I have doubts…

Many of you know that Prop 8 was passed in California… I don’t know why people would support such a law! WHY WHY WHY???! What’s in it for you?! You are taking away the rights from other people… Why can’t their love be recognized? I would love to know your reason… I just don’t understand… Many of us demand for equal rights and yet some of us take those away… doesn’t make much sense to me…

I also wonder… true love is so hard to find… some people spend their whole life to find it, some people lose it because of some tragedies, and yet, there are many who has it does not treasure it. I guess this quote says it all I think about:

"When you actually find someone you care about. It’s important to let
go the little things, even if you can’t let go all the way. Because
nothing sucks more than being all alone. No matter how many people are
around you."
– Scrubs (TV Series)

Not only when you find it… also when you have someone who cares about you! Your friends, your family, or just a random stranger… Don’t wait until you lose it… I guess all I am trying to say is that take a good look around you…



Well, for those of you have read my past entries, you know that I live my life according to values that I believe in… Here is another thing I do for my friends:

"Life is yours to live… I can’t live it for you… I can’t tell you what to do… but I will be there when you need me…"

Friendship, I value…



I have decided to start writing again… to reflect, express, and share my thoughts.

I guess I just really really love this quote so I want to share it:

"You know what it’s like getting up every morning? Feeling
hopeless, feeling like the love of your life is waking up with the
wrong man. But, at the same time hoping that she still finds her
happiness, even if it’s never going to be with you"

– Albert Brennaman (Movie – Hitch)

It’s a sad quote but I feel that I can somewhat relate to it… I would choose other people’s happiness over mine which I guess makes life all around more complicated. The thing is… It happens… Not everyone is lucky to find the love of their life easily. It’s been been a year since I made a pack with myself to stay single. Mainly because of my job nature… of course, I felt like the quote a few times because it was probably the "right" thing to do at the time. Well, life… never easy on anyone… and we all have our own share of trouble and problem. Yours might seem less troublesome but it might weight as much as mine in your mind. Some things can not be compared… Keep moving… There is always hope…