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Respect and Fair

I definitely have an interesting trait… I can keep calm when something dramatic happened; however, I can also be so angry when I notice little things that people do. I believe in fairness and respect, I think the reason that I can keep calm in general is that things happens, even when we give our very best. But I do have problem when people not respect others and being fair.

For example, I would be totally fine if suddenly the bus I take breaks down… so what? It’s not like they meant to let it happen. But if someone is teaching you something, sharing their time with you, then they deserve your whole attention. It is for me, not fair if you don’t pay attention… That I have lots of problem with.

The bottom line is… I do my best play a fair game and I feel it’s a good thing to do.



Extreme Learning Curve

As a staff member, during staging, I don’t usually have as much time to join workshop to learn the songs and dances in the show. Every once a while, I get the chance to join one where everyone in the room already knows it except me. I personally think it is a great challenge and so far has been lots of fun to do so. I really pushes me to learn how to use my eyes to be aware of the little detail and to work with my body to learn the moves as fast as I can. So far, I am happy with what I have accomplished and the fun I had so far.

One other advantage I have is that, the lack of male dancers in the cast, where I can go to a workshop and not having to worry that I will have no partner to dance with. That helps to learn a dance as well, it’s a win-win situation, especially when I can catch up fast … If not, I feel sorry for whoever was dancing with me

I think the best part of pushing myself is that I can see that I am still learning things and still able to coordinate my body. I love sport and exercise are always great