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So I am sitting in the office at this very moment… Feeling not well at all. The sickness hit me pretty bad today as I am feeling relatively dizzy for the most of the day. I can’t really get myself do anything. I want to scream, that’s why I am writing this, just so I can vent a bit… Oh, well… Hopefully I will feel better by tomorrow. I should probably go to bed earlier tonight than the nights before… I have not been really taking care of myself these days.



Long Way to Go…

I love life… simply for the reason that it never stop to amaze me. Even the simplest thing. I enjoy laughing, and I laugh loud, which I probably inherited that from Kathleen who has been a great friend to me ever since I started my life in the foreign land. By laughing out loud, we allow others to also laugh and have no fear of being alone. I laugh at many things, main from my own perspective and from time to time, people mistaken my intention. I am glad that it ever stop me from finding that little joy for my life. Because for those of you who knows me, and knows me well, know that I never would intend to hurt anyone, even if I don’t enjoy the company.

We can always gain something new if we start looking into the matters even deeper. Although it might seem to be the same… I had it when I was participating an education workshop last week. Same game, same concept, and I already know what’s the aim, reason behind it. However, I ended up realizing a lot more that I had before. The world is a melting pot, whether we like it or not. Things are mixing, and people dealing with cultures differently, some accept and adapt; some stood their ground and wish to remain as who they are. Some communicate to find the best solution. Some don’t realize there is a difference then generalize and applies their own rules to others. It was such a reflecting image of the current world.

Experience can be so different from one another, because we looking at it differently, even when it is the same things we gone through. The word of wisdom of the day… Life is what we make it… it’s about how we look at it.


Pictures from the Vacation and Rose Parade

Since people have been asking… here is the photo album for my vacation in San Jose and Rose Parade in LA. Enjoy!

Vacation and Rose Parade


Happy New Year!

Another New Year has came… I am back to Denver once again.

Just came back from our very first staff retreat (or getting to know each other would be the way to put it). It was awesome. I am very excited about the upcoming semester with lots of great people along with me.

I had a little time to reflect on myself about my performance last semester and I came to realize that I am happy with what I have done job wise but not so happy with my social performance. Somehow, I was not as active and engaged as I could be… I was withdraw… I want to change that for the coming semester and I find that extremely important. Because I didn’t feel that I was myself for a lot of the time. Determination, I want to step up and be who I want to be.