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Music Site! Please Visit!

So I promised my friend to promote his music… I personally love it so I am recommending his site to you!

Here are the links! (I will make the same post later when he has more songs uploaded )

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you all are doing great


Have you ever heard this…?

So… I have been hearing this same saying everywhere I traveled, and lots of people I met all over the world.

"Why don’t guys just get it?!"
"Why don’t girls just get it?!"
"Where is the person that I deserve?"

I thought about it, I have a theory, not one that I really enjoy but it’s a summery from what I have seen, heard, or even… experienced.

Here is the ultimate question? Where are the good guys/girls go?

Well, they are disappearing slowly… Why? Because a creation of a bad feedback cycle. See, if any of you got hurt… once, twice, and maybe three times is the charm. You are still able to get back on your feet and keep your faith of nature of good. But I think that everyone of us, during that time, experience some sort of angry or dark wishes to revenge (OK, maybe you didn’t… Please let me know, because I really respect you for that! I meant it!). Not necessary to the particular person but generalize to the other gender (or which ever gender that hurt him/her).

Eventually, this dark wish will take over if event of "bad luck" reoccurred too frequently (or maybe once is enough). There is that one good person less… and this person will go out there being the so called "player" and creates more pain… which then "convert" more good person to only think for their own. This is the bad cycle I mentioned earlier.

What other affects it has? Well, first of all, the trust is less… people are more careful about who they are going to go out with (which might be a good thing). But the insecurity also made people much less willing to take the risk. Some might even stop trying (which can be one of the good people that just lost faith in relationship). All these, result the current world.

Of course, I am NOT saying this is fact because it’s only my theory and it for sure does not apply to all places and community in the world (because I have seen that myself, a safe environment can be built).

In the end of this entry, here is my 2 cent. Don’t stop trying, because it is when you stop, the possibility stop… It’s not going to be easy to find that person. NO, it is not! I sure hope we all get lucky… Believe in the good and do good yourself, because that cycle I mentioned, can be the other way as well!! One little thing you do for the others can have much great effect than you could image. Let’s just do our best in what we can do