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Sunshine, Beach, San Diego!!

August 28, 2007

Sunny San
Diego… Love the place, love the city, and love the
people. But definitely not an easy place to setup and coordinate, nevertheless,
the Advance Team (in charge of PR, even coordination, etc) did a fantastic job
with what they had, thumbs up for them.

I was in one of the van driving from Sierra
Vista to San Diego.
It was probably the first time I saw a real desert in my life (probably because
I don’t know if I did when I was little, traveled with my parents a lot when I
was small but don’t remember much of…). The natural scenes on the way were
simply amazing (and hot). We arrived at the Balboa
Park meeting the team and started our
“adventure” in the awesome San Diego.

This week I was hosted with Lucas (Belgium) by an
alumni, his beautiful wife, and their dog. We were amazed by the comfortable
climate and how little flies were around as we dined outside the first night;
even more surprised by finding out the fact that the climate is generally the
same in San Diego.

We had a few guest speakers came in to talk to us on
Tuesday, the topic were mostly related to immigration and border issues. In
between the speaker, we went down to a place called the “Seaport Village,”
basically, a very touristy spot doing promotion and a BTS show. Then we head
down to the Mexican and U.S.
border. We were at the Border
Field State
Park, where we learnt about estuary environment
and how the possible wall would affect the life and nature along the border and
wild life. I was shocked to find out that in order to allow this wall to be
build, the order was passed with the condition that all other laws are void
(for example, environmental production law). Some might said that it is looking
at a greater picture to insure the safety but would it really help?

One of the border police gave us some idea how they
control the border and share some astonishing number with us. Though some of
the things he said I did not agree but if I think in his prospective, I could
totally see the reason behind. He is risking his safety to protect whatever,
whoever is on this side of the fence, it is important to him that what type of
person is allowed to enter the country, instead of giving permissions to all
illegal immigrants in U.S.
a legal status. The little wall and fence, you could totally feel the
difference of each sides.

I did my CI this week in a Senior Center,
mainly interacting with the elderly people. I played some pool and I also met
two Philippines
heritage elder that taught me a bit of Tagalong. For example:

SALAMAT – Thank You


Are You

We did two tiny performances in two different senior
centers; it was great to bring some joy to their life.

Beach party at Mission
Beach, San Diego!! I was so excited to get some
crazy time off to go wild!! Definitely a great time, just to go swim in the
ocean again, singing around fire, play some guitar and drum.

I had a training session with my intern on Thursday
morning, mainly on public speaking with a little bit of accounting and
budgeting. At the end of the day, the founder of “Turning the Heart Center”,
Doug Luffborough told us about his amazing story and vision. Here are some
quotes and ideas I wrote down, it was a valuable lesson for me.

“Being the ladder
holder for others and encourage others! Because in order to be successful, we
all need others to hold our ladders as well.”

underestimate the power of words!! What you say about yourself, you become. Be
careful with the words coming out of your mouth; speak only the words of

“If you never try
anything, you never know what you get; never underestimate anyone’s potential.”

Great words, they definitely help me to think a lot
more about my own behavior and point of view.

The next day I was helping the admission team doing
presentation in a high school, it was not too electrifying but without doubt
gave me a chance to get my public speaking back into shape a little, though it
would of being really awesome if I get to go to General Atomic and learn more
about nuclear power and its future. Oh, well… someone had to take one for the
team, right?!

Beautiful venue we were at for our show on Saturday. California Center for the Arts was perfect in many
different ways. Despite the fact that they cut 20% commission for our
merchandise sell, the place was just terrific. Many alumnus were present, many
drove all the way down from LA (3 ~ 4 hours drive). It was wonderful to have
their support.

Free Day is always like heat for the winter, always
happy to have them. Our host mom got us 6 free tickets to the Sea World (57$
single day) and I was so happy and grateful to get the chance to go there again
(last time I was maybe 7, so I probably really didn’t appreciate it as much as
I do now). We went to the Whale (Shamu) show, Delphi Show, and some other shows
and rides. I had a great time. Of course, the day started out with a sleep in
and a nice breakfast. I truly enjoy the layback mindset of San Diego. It was groovy time.


Hot Hot Arizona (Globe/Sierra Vista, Arizona)

August 18, 2007

Though Tucson
was the first city on the road, Globe would be the real first city that Cast
B07 is all on our own. As the distance between Tucson
and Globe isn’t far, we are able to go to an ancient Salado
ruin “Besh-Ba-Gowah” and take a look at what the people from the past left us
and what their culture is. Later on, we also went to San
Carlos on the way to an Apache
Cultural Center.
They had a few presentations ready for us (food, songs, and handcraft) and the Chairman
of the tribe also came to talk to us about what they do and what’s their vision
for their people.

A few things he said that I found it important:

“Healing will come, when you admit (face) to it.”

“Look at the mirror, ask yourself what you are doing.
If we look at ourselves, this is how we learn about who we are and what we do.”

“First getting to know your own identity then you
knows what your people need.”

It was interesting to learn about their mentality,
they wish to preserve the nature as it was given to them. Now they are fighting
to keep their culture and land. They also believe that education is the
solution especially because how people were raised might have misguided them to
habit that isn’t all that beneficial to them. Some simple phrases in Apache




I was hosted with Johan (Sweden) by a local judge. We indeed
had a blast… for example, our host dad took us around the house and found a
black widow (one of the most dangerous spider in the world).

CI day was on Tuesday, 17th of Aug. I went
with student to San Carlos
helping out on a project of cleaning the neighborhood. We were among the
residence to clean their main street and the facilities around it. The vice
chairman told us that this project really help out the residence to see what
they can do to improve their place. He said that the main idea behind the
project is to get the people to start taking initiatives for their land and to
take pride to protect it.

Our host dad took us to the prison and got us a tour
in the prison. It was a fantastic experience to see how they function; we also
got our booking picture take and an inmate id, which was just way too COOL.

The show facility was just simply… crazy… I will post
picture later to explain but there really isn’t much to it, except that the
cast really learn to be flexible. They know what I mean =P

As we ended our short stay in Globe (13th
of Aug ~ 16th of Aug), we headed to Sierra Vista. We stopped by Tombstone
on the way to watch a western culture show (basically, cowboy stuff…) Tombstone is a preserved
town for their western style building, several famous gunman shootouts happened
there. We had the major among with Arizona Ranger and a professor from
university came to talk about immigration issue with us. It was interesting
knowing that people at the local level knows more than the people who are in
charge (the government). Building a fence isn’t going to help all that much,
there must be a better way.

I personally had a few frustrations with how the city
is organized but I will keep it to myself. I chose to be here and I know this
would always be one of the challenges. I just don’t like the fact that when I
hold people accountable, they didn’t do their part.

First time I was in the show with B07… finally I was
able to get some time to join the rehearsal. It was good for me because I was
reminded how much it take to put up a good show, how much energy it took out of

Today was the free day and my host dad took me to
Queen’s Mine at Bisbee… I forgot the fact that it was going to be cold and I
was wearing only a t-shirt and shorts when it’s only 10 Celsius. Definitely one
COOL experience, if you know what I mean. 


The Amazing UwP Reunion (Gallup/Tucson, Arizona)

August 12, 2007

Finally, we are on the road now… I didn’t sleep the
night after the show because the next day is the travel day and as a staff, I
was at the show facility very late, only got back to my host parent’s house
after 12:30am. I still had to pack and all that other things to take care so I
decided not to sleep and use the time to catch up with things. I updated the
cast blog (yes, I am one of the main webmaster for cast b blog) and wrote a few
email to communicate with home and friends. It was time well spent.

The morning, I was in the van with Patrick, Gabe, and
Hector heading to Gallup.
We were welcome by the wonderful Lion’s Club who donated a wonderful meal to
us. The staffs then dress up as mafia and “kidnap” the cast to our over night
facility (we told them that we were going to have host family for just one
night in Gallup, which we didn’t). The cast had an over night in a catholic
school gym and the education team lead several trust and team building
activities. For example, our very famous magic stick. We also had time to just
hang out and talk. I was really happy to have more time to spend with the cast
because I have been not around due to my work for the past days, it was a fun

The next day we headed to Tucson, where the UwP Reunion is taking
place. Due to some lost in communication, my host family didn’t show up. I was
quite ok with it and the wonderful Worcestor family taking me in for the next 2
days. They were kind to me and I was really happy there though a little sad
that I can’t stay for the whole week but I had to do what’s the easiest for the

Tuesday the 7th was the internal day of
Cast B. There were varies workshops and presentations. Also one of the rare
fitness time. I was working on the cast profile on the blog and doing some
accounting so I wasn’t really around.

Wednesday was the CI day, which I was really happy to
be assigned to SACASA (Southern Arizona Center Against Sexual Assault). It’s an
amazing organization and to be able to give them a hand was good for me. I got
some shocking statistic there and I was disappointed by it. I am just happy
that people are doing something about it and people are helping out.

The cast did their very first Stand for Peace and BTS
(Backing Track Show). I was in the Westin La Paloma Hotel the whole day selling
merchandise to the Alumni’s along with my intern Katie and the other Business
Administrator from Cast C, Brenna. We had quite some time to chill by the
swimming pool there so that was really nice and for me, meeting UwP Alumni are
always great because they always have cool story to tell or some great tip or
wisdom to give. I met the Hollywood Dude there and had a wonderful conversation
with him. Just simply getting to know more people and making connection is
always fantastic =)

I don’t think I need to say much about the show day,
both cast combine and rehearse… What was amazing to me was the Colwell brother
being there with the cast on stage. It was really cool to see them and they
were incredible. I was shocked at the time when the theater manager told me
that they were going to charge 15% commission for merchandise sell. Gladly,
after communication, we were able to void it and we sold very well so it was
really cool not to have to pay commission.

Saturday at the reunion was a big day for both casts…
they met the founder of UwP, Mr. Belk and also finally had Carolyn Lee’s
wonderful speech “keep your eyes on the ball.” Further more, some people even
met Beyonce’s uncle and even Gandhi’s grandson, how cool was that! Also, the
ERA show simply just blew me AWAY! It was WAY AWESOME! I had an absolute blast!
I now wanted to learn their robot dance so much that I feel the need to ask
Hollywood Dude to teach me once I am in San
Diego. =P

All right, I need to pack now… Peace Out!


The Show

August 5th, 2007

Last week in Denver
before hitting the road, however, there were still long ways to go before that
start happening, especially very first show before it.

Things started getting crazy for the merchandize
department, I am not going to lie, selling is not my strength and I did felt
tired from doing something I don’t believe is impactful. However, I do know it
is essential and necessary. Cast sale was a big hit and it is clear that the
new merchandise strategy is on the right track.

My week was very different from the cast but I did as
much as I can to help out. Cast worked very hard during the week to get the
show together, the pieces of the show slowly coming together makes the cast
more and more excited but at the same time, very nervous and worried. Dress
Rehearsal was on Wednesday night. Things went relatively well but I know from
myself that I was not convinced and I know that they have a lot more potential
than that. Of course, I told them that the next morning.

I am not lying but I was very very VERY happy and
proud for the cast on Friday night! They did an absolutely fantastic job! I
started crying when the first number “Ayiko” started and the cast ran out to
the audience. That moment once again reminded me why I did those things that I
usually don’t enjoy all that much. I got myself together and start taking
pictures so the cast will have something to look back at.

Steve Farber came to talk to us today; I can totally
see that the cast is much more relaxed today after last night’s show. They do
deserve a break but it’s just not the time yet. Mr. Farber talked about  leadership with us and the biggest secret of
doing great at what you do is “Love,” and we should pursue the OS!M, that would
be the “Oh, Shit! Moment” which would be the moment that we step out our own
comfort zone and challenge ourselves.

Here are a few interesting notes I wrote down:

The best teams are the ones admit mistake and learn
from it and if we admit to our mistake then we can actually talk about it. In
fact, admit making mistakes leads to fewer mistakes (Heart Surgeon Team).

“Love is the Motivation, OS!M is the experience, and
the Goal is to Change the World.” The world can be the nature near us, the
society we live or simply the people around us.

Yeah, this week’s entry is short because things are
still crazy with everything happening at this moment and next week is UwP
Reunion in Tucson, I am share is will be quite crazy.