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A Story for My 24-Year-Old Birthday

Most people would do a lot for their birthday but I am not most people. As I said before, simple life… So I didn’t organize anything, besides, my friends all went home or far away from me.

I was just chilling for my birthday, packing up, getting things ready to go to US. I was doing well, until I got a phone call from the US embassy. They called to tell me that they forgot to get my fingerprint last time I was in Berlin. Without it, they can’t process my visa so I have to go back to Berlin so they can issue me a visa.

I was furious… very very mad… Bremen to Berlin… that’s like 50 Euros one way and takes 4 hours. They were not even going to offer to pay the ticket for their mistake. Oh, well… what a gift for my birthday, right? This story will be with me for the rest of my life




As I am getting my stuff together and organize them in a way that I could leave the country. I have found many books that I have read, so I start reading some of them again and here is one of the things that really stroke me.

The writer was talking about the necessary attitude for the new generation. There are 6 words "Lightness,"  "Quickness," "Exactitude," "Visibility," "Multiplicity," and "Consistency." I want to talk about the "Lightness" aspect in this entry because it said something to me at this very phase of my life.

Lightness, simplest way to explain is little weight. However, looking at it in a deeper way, it’s about simplicity. Less material but fulfill life style. What’s the point of buying all those things that one day we will no longer need, or, already don’t need. Especially when we are visiting another place, buying all the things so we can tell our friends that we have been there.

The question is, are those things useful? Very unlikely, they become something just for the shelf until the day you die. You might say, but it is special to you. Well, yes, that you might be right, but it probably meant nothing to your children. Those things you collected,
might just ended up being sold or throw away.

I have realized, that I was doing exactly that, bought and collect many things that might not even matter for anyone else but me. Now, I personally find it a total waste of resource. Simple life, I want to aid for that goal. If I must gain, I want to gain things that I don’t need to throw away. Stuff like knowledge, friendship, and love. I have traveled around the world in 6 months with only one suitcase and a backpack but it was the best time in my life. This tells me one thing, it’s about what I do, not what I own. Simple life.

The Tunnel

Slowly, my college life is coming to an end. Graduation and the ball just passed and I just heard the great news that my Q-1 visa approval has been issued so I will be able to go to Berlin to apply the visa on the 14th of June.

It’s nice to see things coming together, calms me down a lot. I see the light at the end of this tunnel… a good feeling.