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“One Day…”

My parents used to tell me this phrase very often "One day you would understand…" I used to think that they are wrong when I was small but slowly, I started to see their point. Amazingly, most of the time, they are right…

It’s interesting what comes with experience… Some people become more mature, some people become more negative, some never let the experience affects them. We are who we are today because of yesterday… It’s hard to stay open minded in this current world… people let you down every so often.

But I don’t want to just generalize people, not yet… Each individual deserve a fair chance, even the ones that have let you down. I am not saying that I could do it just yet but that’s what I want to work on.

Anyway, my final exams are over now… this chapter of my life is about to come to an end. Lots of things to take care… just hope things go smoothly…



Politic and Human Life

Taiwan’s 11th attempt of joining WHO (World Health Organization) was once again rejected. The vote was 148 vs. 17… When I read this news in the morning, I was really upset and disappointed. The politicians of each country, only consider the fact that Taiwan is not a "nation" therefore does not deserve the right to join WHO.

But what about the 23 million people live in Taiwan? When the SARS broke out in Asia, due to the fact that Taiwan wasn’t in WHO, there was really limited aid during the time and many people died. Taiwan over the years, has contributed in many ways to help the world despite the fact that it is not recognized as a country… I don’t think the people living in Taiwan deserves to be treated differently, we are all mankind!

Today I presented my Bachelor Thesis in front of all Electrical Engineering Professors. Must say, that was a different kind of pressure when you know that they are the experts, not you. I did relatively all right, I would say… My supervisor actually is more satisfied of my presentation than me. I am sure I could of done better… must admit, I was nerves because of the presents of professors.

Next stop is finals…


Forgotten Passion

Funny as it might sound, I think I was way too into the idea "Keep Your Eyes on the Ball"…

So here is the story… I went to the "Talent Show 2007" of my university last night, nope, I did not participate because I thought I wouldn’t be able to prepare. Overall, the show wasn’t that great, or probably just me getting more critical about this kind of things… Anywho, as I was sitting there watching, I realized how much I miss singing, performing, and above all… my passion for music. I was so into the idea of getting myself graduate but has forgotten what I love to do in life.

Just finished my thesis and starting working on presentation slides, then the final exams are coming up soon as well. I know I can do it, just getting a little tired of things.



I don’t remember who told us… but one of the Up with People staff (probably JC) told us that after the trip, we would slowly discover our new self. I think I found one new component of me that I gain from my experience.

I learned to focus on the more important thing when facing a difficult situation. Instead of freaking out, I now tend to focus my energy on how to solve it, to find a way to resolution. I personally find it very valuable.

Two examples that I come up to my mind… first was last night…. I somehow got some food allergy… or something… It got so bad that my face was all swelling up. My lips were three times bigger as normal… that’s right, image that! But I was able to stay calm and deal with it, surprisingly, I must say. Of course, I was really scared… damn… if you see it, you should be scared as well! But instead, I was able to think how to deal with it, so I took a cold shower to stop the allergy reaction getting any worse. Thankfully it works and I was able to sleep and seek a doctor this morning. Doctor told me that if it gets any worse, I would have to go to hospital… Lucky me I guess…

Another example is that when I received the letter from university that I am not able to graduate this June due to some miscalculation of credits. It was really bad… because at time I was not really able to sign up for any course already to earn that missing credits. So I went around and talk to the necessary people… I got lucky that I was able to make a deal with a professor so I still able to earn enough credits and graduate. Although bear the fact that it wasn’t my mistake with the miscalculation but it was good that I concentrate my energy on finding a way to graduate instead of complaining about the stupid mistake they made.

I really enjoy noticing the fact… See myself actually gaining from the experience…