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Words of Wisdom

I learned this sentence today and I really like it. Therefore I wish to share with you all It’s from an ad of apple which I saw today during my Firms and Market course when we learned about marketing.

"It’s the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

How true…  It’s similar to the saying "Give yourself a Chance"… If you don’t believe and therefore never take action, how could you expect yourself to archive something great? To aim high… and work for it… even if you don’t manage, you are still the best you could be. Of course, still have to be realistic about the goal…



Some Test Result

Jeff, your destiny is to be aProvider

Whether you know it or not, this is the role that is most in tune with
who you are at your core. As a Provider, you have a genuine nurturing
concern for the welfare of others and you’re eager to serve them. You
can recognize exactly what people need and your friendly, helpful,
social nature makes them feel comforted. With your kind and generous
heart, you are personable, talkative, and outward with your emotions,
and your openness and sensitivity makes you concerned about the way
others view you. Along these lines, be careful not to blame yourself
when things go wrong. You cannot prevent bad things from happening,
even though your tendency to be orderly with a strong sense of right
and wrong may lead you to believe you can. Accept that you do what you
can to take care of things and that this will get you far in the world.




Waking up in the middle of the night is not exactly fun. I do prefer a nice sleep than a great dream. But this dream is different, it really got to me.

The situation was that I was a member of SWAT and it was some kind of terrorist attack. Some of my colleagues and friends were captured and use as hostages. My task was to rescue the hostage… Well, in an awesome dream… I probably would be able to complete my task like easy, but this is not one of those. I was able to penetrate and got real close to the hostage location. However, I guess I was not as good as I thought I am. I was trapped and caught by the terrorist. They want me to shoot the hostage (my friends and colleagues) or they will kill me.

Now comes the part that I wake up from this dream… I couldn’t take a shot, then I point the gun on my head… Bang… there I woke up.

Anyway, some update of my life…  I visited Manu in Braunschwieg this weekend and it was great! I had an awesome time there! Took a long walk in the Bremen Burgerpark under the sunshine and thought about many things. I have to make a decision where I am going to be next year, or years… Job offers in Shanghai, Panama… or I should keep on looking for one in Europe? Still waiting for UwP to give me a final answer. Not complaining about it because I do have options, it’s just hard to decide.



I thought about what I have promised people… then I thought of you, Rita, and what I have promised you in front of your grave.

Somewhat, I feel guilty for your death… I always wonder if I didn’t care about my little flu and lead the snowboarding group that day then everything might have been different. But I can’t change what is in the pass, doesn’t matter how much I want to.

I made you a promise… that I was so close to break recently but I am glad to say that I didn’t. Maybe it was your blessing… I have started doing community service again. The kids were really fun and nice… they put a smile back to my face, that I have lost for a while.

I will walk this path that I have chosen and I hope you would be my guardian’s angel to keep me in track…



I tend to spend time to think about stuff that I read, or heard in my life to find inspiration or wisdom. Here is one that I thought about today. It’s from my electrical engineering professor, prof. Bode.

He says this all the time during lecture "Give Yourself a Chance"… though in general, he meant that homework and course content are manageable if we put effort into it. But this is more than just that.

Lots of time in life, people often think "I can’t do this" so they never do it… but if you "Give Yourself a Chance" maybe the result would be different. You must believe in yourself to be able to achieve something… and of course you can’t do anything if you never give yourself a chance to do it. It is hard to do something if you continue thinking that you can’t do it… then you have no motivation, no confidence… most importantly, you will feel that you are wasting your time… then indeed you are wasting your time if you don’t give yourself a chance.

Now… take a moment… and start giving yourself a chance.


Keeping Faith

This entry is mainly dedicated to a good friend of mine for showing me the light so I am able to continue believing. I know you probably don’t read this but nevertheless, I think it is important.

Silja, I thank you for what you have written to me the other day, it must have taken you lots of courage to do so. But the important thing is, you have no idea how much that effect me. I was in a time that I wasn’t sure with my own belief and my principle but what you written to me has allowed me to regain my faith in human nature.

I believe in human nature that everyone is born "good." It is stuff that happens in our life changes us and led us to a different path. No kidding, I almost did.

Anyway, little update of my current life. I am now living a very regular life style, going to bed around 12 and waking up around 7. Spend most of my time sitting in office and study. Formated my laptop because he was being a little "bitch" so I had to "fix" him. After this week, I will start traveling on weekend and I will be going to Belgium for my spring break. Barcelona is also on the list, I will see.



For all actions, there comes a consequence, whether you like it or not. I guess this is my answer to my question. It makes sense… Then, I will face my consequence, there is no other choice anyway. Might as well accept it and move on… I could run away from it but soon or later it will come back to me anyway, so better now than wasting time on pointless hiding.

My hard work is still paying off… grades are still good. Just handed in my thesis proposal after having to write THREE drafts before this final one. Getting myself busy, which is good I guess, then I think less about things and concentrate better. Two midterm exams next week, that should be fun, once that’s done… then it’s time to relax and wait for the spring break to come.

I met with the UwP German Alumni around the region last Sunday and had a radio interview in German on Saturday. Also, Tsvety and I presented UwP in German for the "Round Table" in Bremen-Nord (Round Table is like Rotary Club), some positive response, hopefully hear more from them soon.