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Lesson in Life

I asked myself what are some of the things I have learned during the time I was traveling around the world. Many things come to my mind, however, I realized that one of them had help me tremendously in the past two weeks.

That is "Accept and Make the Best out of it…" Life is never going to be fair, that’s a known fact but the important part of it is how to live your life. So what I lost the job… complaining about the fact for days wouldn’t help me to get that job back. Let the anger out fast then smile again, and walk on… For me, it is more important to keep on doing good than wondering about if the life is being fair. I guess that would be the ball that I will do my best to keep my eyes on.

Here is one of my best friends’ favorite quote that I would like to share with you all:

"Do all the good you can,
by all the means you can,

In all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,

At all the times you can,
to all the people you can,

As long as you ever can."
– John Wesley



Up with People Continues…

I talked to Frank today on the phone regarding my application for the position of External Relation Coordinator and European Recruiter. Frank is the Regional Director Germany & Switzerland for Up with People. The interview went quite well in my opinion and I should be hearing from the next week.

It would be great to work for them, as I have such great experience and would love more people to be able to become part of it.

Otherwise, lots of stuff to take care these days… A presentation next week and my BSc research thesis proposal is due in 2 weeks. But it’s not bad at all, I am spending my time wisely with free time to spare… A good balance I would say. I just miss my dear from time to time… I hope she is having a good time in the mountain with her parents.


Modern Technology = Reliable?

New technologies are to improve the quality of our life. However, its reliability might not be as high as we wished to be. Why do I say that? Because I had a pretty bad experience with it today.

I was supposed start working for this trading company today, which I sent them an email of confirming that I will start working today. However, the email did not reach them so they thought I am not interested in working for them. Therefore, they gave the job to another person… I found that out this morning as I thought I was going to work.

In a way, I got "fired"… However, I was able to prove to them that I did send an email regarding coming in, which made me feel better, because at least I saved my reputation. But that did not change the fact that there is nothing they could do. So, I am jobless now…

Instead of complaining about it, I guess it’s better to focus on studying and look for another job…


Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

This is once again, the year of PIG in Chinese culture. I hope you all are doing well and having a good time wherever you might be.

Just a short update of my life…  I just got back from visiting my Dear in Sweden. It was a peaceful week which I enjoyed a lot and it was really great to see her again.

Now I am back to Bremen with a good focus, I know what I need to do and what I shouldn’t be doing. I am ready to continue…  


Freaking Out!

Well, I accidentally shut down my laptop today because I disconnect my
power supply while forgetting the fact that I have taken out the
battery of my laptop (it’s a good thing for the battery if you are
stationary, it gives it a longer life spin).

Anyway, then I connected again with power and try to turn it on… it was stuck before the BIOS…

a computer science major in university… I have of course tried the
most standard way… restart the computer… I tried that… 5 times….

No Response!!

I really got very concerned… this laptop is 3 years old… and for
the technology age, it is OLD. Even though I have upgraded the RAM to 1
GB myself and taken relatively good care of it.

So… next step
I tried to disconnect some RAM and reconnected… NOT WORKING… Then,
Harddisk, also not working… So in the end… I was hitting random
keys on the laptop because I was out of my mind… Freaking OUT…

Suddenly, it started to react… then LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN!

Yeah… I was almost dying because I have some really school work on the laptop.


Human Testing…

So…. I was going to spend most of my day studying… but it turned out to be otherwise.

I finished up some courses registration thing and I thought I might want to go to check a doctor for my skin thing. So I did… and after one hour of sitting there, finally it’s my time, I should have brought my reading but I forgot about the long waiting time. My bad…

Anyway, to determine the cost, he had to do an allergic test on my skin… so I was tested for 18 different stuff and some of them were quite strong. No kidding, because it was really itchy but I am not allowed to touch it. Turns out, I am allergic to like 8 different stuff, mostly, flower pollens during summer time.

All I got was a little bottle of cream for two weeks… Oh, well… I guess I know body a little bit better now.


Not Good

So… Yeah… I got drunk last night… Not good… I didn’t even get to drink enough water before falling asleep because I was too tired. Therefore, I got this pretty bad hangover today due to dehyridation so I didn’t do much today. Just watch one of my favorite TV series "Numb3rs" and drink lots of water…

I guess the one thing that I did which is more constructive is that I picked up my guitar and started playing again since UwP. Learning the song "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel.

I have tried out a few courses and they are pretty good in general… things are still well… except this little episode from last night. It was not smart of me…