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Super Fantastic…

Though I do think the "Super Fantastic" term is a little bit on the extreme side but I can’t find another better title.

The reason that I chose that name is because I was thinking about my life at this very moment when I was on my way back from picking up my German residence permit. I came to realize… My life is great at this moment.

I found a job rather easily… I have a great flat with cool flatmates… My request to replace a course is accepted without any questioning. Also, I got my residence permit in less than a week (comparing to 6 weeks waiting for the visa, this is really fast!). Most importantly, I found a person in this world that I really care and enjoy being with… (You know who you are…)



Settling Down

Since many of you have been questioning how my settling down in Bremen is so far. I will just write it down here so I don’t have to tell the same story… Over and Over Again

As I mentioned before, I have finally arrived Bremen on the 22th of Jan 2007. I was picked up by my new flatmates that I only met one time before, however, they turn out to be very nice folks. Though I had no pillows and stuff, thankfully, I remembered to bring my sleep bag with me. So the first few days was not bad. I went to picked up my stuff last Saturday at my old place. PILLOW is indeed nice to have for sleeping .

I will be picking up my resident permit tomorrow (what a fast process)… most of the stuff are slowly getting on track, just waiting for the courses to start


The Wind of Change

Wind has finally start coming along…. my way…

I have several good things happened in the past 2 ~ 3 days. First is that my resident permit will certainly come in time for me to visit Emma in Sweden. Second is that it is basically for sure I will graduate this June. And the last one, I am offered a student job after interview, they will give me a try-out period once the papers are ready.

Also, I will play my first debut game in German regional basketball league on the 4th. So excited! Can’t wait to play and can’t for class to start, and of course, can’t wait to go to Sweden!


Back to Bremen

After traveling 11 hours with one hiking backpack, one normal backpack (with my laptop in it) and my guitar. I have arrived Bremen. Yeah… I took my girlfriend’s advise and sent my suitcase via the train offer. Otherwise I might die… so young

Now I have a very Empty room… but the apartment got everything… a relatively big kitchen, a living room with couches and dining table, and washing machine for heaven’s sake! Also, internet… but I am still trying to get it to work… it’s a bit unstable… I have to get this fixed soon so I can "talk" to my dear…



I don’t know why it’s raining and windy… but it doesn’t stop me from being a good mood 

I GOT the VISA! After all that waiting… the anticipation was killing me. Anyway, now I can finally arrange lots of stuff. Job interview, etc… It’s great to really get started again.



Finally!! My visa is ready and I will be picking it up Thursday… YES!!



Finally, I got so bored I sorted and uploaded lots of photos here from my past 6 month…