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The visit to the German Embassy went well today and I am quite glad about that. They told me my visa should be with me next week. That a relief for me, now I can relax a bit and gather my energy once again. Get ready my my big trip 🙂

Busy Days

Many of you might already know that I am going to join the Up With People program in July. Therefore, I have been quite busy preparing for it and working at the same time.
Not to mention that school went for a 5 day hike and I was with the ski-touring group. It was a great experience and I had learned a lot during that trip. Other than the fact that I got a headache on the 2nd night due to dehydration, I had a really good time. Some pictures are post, you are all welcome to have a look.
I am getting really excited about going to on the trip of my life yet worry about my German visa. Anyway, there isn’t much I could do about it. Let’s just sit and hope for the best.