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Life Goes On

Yesterday is worse than a nightmare to me. Why? Because nightmare ends when you wake up, it’s only a nightmare. What happened yesterday is reality, it will not end.
There was an avalanche during a school event. My host dad and a student was buried under the snow for over 3 hours. I was sick so school then asked me to stayed down to support the students. As much as I wish to go up to help, I have my duty to carry. It was a difficult time for me. Not knowing anything… My host dad is like a father to me… the worst feeling is that I can’t do anything to help him at that point.
Just when I was about to giving up hope as the time passed by. I got the news that they were found. I couldn’t stop praying because as a trained mountaineer, I know the odd is against them, 3 hours under snow, the chances are low.
The girl died that day… and miraclly, my host dad’s condition was stabled.
This event taught me a lot… Taught me how important it is to tell the people that you love how much to care about them. To do what’s needed to be done as soon as you can. To enjoy life. To shine…
Our life is like candle, we burn to shine, to give others light… This girl shined… she deeply touched a lot of us. Now her candle went out… As the ones who lived, we have the responsible to carry on her task, to shine the others…


Some Update

It’s been a while I write my blog, reasons for that is mainly that I am busy…
Busy of snowboarding, touring, ice climbing, and teaching? Those are just minor stuff. Most importantly, I am busy of getting my documents together so I can join Up With People program in July.
Yes, indeed, I am accepted by the program since Jan 1. 2006 and I am very excited about it. 🙂 So, fundraising, official documents are what I am working on these days. Going to pick up another part-time job during my next break so I can earn more money.
Otherwise, I am doing pretty well, life is very meaningful and full of stuff going on. Not boring at all and I enjoyed it.