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Work Hard, Play Hard!!

Although it’s winter vacation, today I started my part time job to earn some money… Having the great dream of going to UpWithPeople Program, I must put some effort to make this dream come true. Simply dream is useless; make the step is what it takes to reach the goal!
Of course, vacation is still vacatoin, I need my "Time-Out" as well. Good thing with this job is that I can work whenever I want because it only counts the hours I work. So, I went up snowboarding today and took some pictures for the wonderful day. Found some untouched fresh powder. It was a good day.


It had snowed at least a meter and half of new dry great snow in the past 3 days. So… what’s the first thing I do today when the sky start clearing out?
Of course!! GO BOARDING!!
It was a fantastic day. There are tons of powders all over the place, I use this chance to get used to my new board. To be one with it…
I tried a few tricks today but was not really able to connect well on the landing. 180 was still manageable and grabs are generally all right but more turn and air was not in my handbook today. My ankle still gives me pain when I jump or turn, nevertheless, it was fun.
Driving on the untouch powder was so great, it’s like flowing in the air…  and look at my own track, beautiful!! I am still there with my free ride skill
Tomorrow I will go up again and make sure my camera is with me so I can update some pictures for my deal readers.

Free Style

Snowboarding usually split to 3 cataglories: Race, Free Ride, and Free Style
Race: Obviously, it’s about racing, ultimate the speed on a track.
Free Ride: Aiming on skills in different condition of snow and slope. Powder drive, valley, etc.
Free Style: Aiming on skills and tricks in the air. Jumps are the highlights of their ride.
I am somewhat between Free Ride and Free Style. Able to ride well in varies snow condition (Powder drive is my favorite!!) and yet at the same time have the abilities to do some tricks in the air (At the moment, back side 360 Indy is where my skills allows me to complete, sometimes I can put off with 540… just sometimes )

It’s Snowboarding Time

Finally, there are enough snow to go around…
One part of the ski area have opened and I have wax my brand new board. I am READY to go
Snow Snow Snow

Qi-Gong Workshop

I was in a training workshop which is organized by the Wutan branch in Switzerland. The branch that my master started.
It was really a great workshop. A week long of training how to be mindful with what you are doing. To connect with your body, to concentrate on the breathing, to breath naturally.
I am now a certified 1st-Level Qi-Gong instructor. I had benefit from Martial Art a lot in my life. Now I see how much more I can still learn about it. The Chinese medicial application, its philosophy. It’s my culture and I am really proud and amazed what it can do to human.