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New Board, More Fun!!

Through the connection of Ecole, I managed to get a very good deal for my up coming winter. A Burton T6 board with a brand new bindings  and all I need to pay is 250 sFr.
Let me tell you a little bit about T6. It has one of the most advances technology for snowboard. Why? It fuses aerospace technology to ulitmate the board. Basically, the board has a layer of aluminum (the material you used for constructing spaceship) with in. This result that the board is fairly light and fit for all winter condition, good responds to the rider and bring a good speed to boost the fun
As an intern, I also get a season ski-pass for free… Can’t wait for the winter to come

Intensive Week

Intensive Week… One special week we have here in the Ecole.
It’s a week that you can pick a project you like and work on it intensively throughout the whole week.
Together with the Wutan Swiss branch, I held a Martial Art workshop during that week. It was great to see many interests and hard working kids who want to learn Martial Art. I think they all got something back in return for their hard working. Physical condition, discipline, and a quick scope of Chinese culture.
It had been a great week that I enjoy sharing my knowledge with them.

Long Weekend

Even teachers need a break… Sometimes I am really overwhlem by the students. Don’t get me wrong, I like the kids, just that it really consumes a lot my mental energy.
Long Weekend, a break in the middle of the term, exactly something which I need
I used the opportunity to go travel alone, again. To recharge and be with myself. I picked a place which I haven’t been – Lugano.
The Italian speaking part of Switzerland, gave me a totally different feeling from the other cities which I have been here. It was surrended by the mountains, a lake next to it.
I had a nice hike up to the closet mountain, Mount Bre and had a good meal there. Went on a boat, some nice walk along the lake. Reading a book. It was very relaxing for me.
On my way back to the school, I made a detour to visit the city Bellinzona and see its famous three castles. Great trip, I had my time