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Inter-Culture Interaction

We had a teacher’s conference a while ago, the topic was "Inter-Culture Interaction"
Teachers split into smaller group to talk about how to make use of the great fact about the Ecole being an internation enviorment. Everyone brought their thoughts together.
We all agree that most of the kids from a different culture background, wouldn’t realize their culture traits until they intercounter some culture difference. It is when we see something different, that’s when we realize what "our" culture is about.
What stroke me the most was what a teacher brought up. Most of the teacher talked about different events so that every cultures could give other people some idea what’s it about. But this teacher point out that, what exactly is culture interaction. It is when different culture interact and exchange. This is usually better done by helping students interget with other cultures. What happen with a culture event from a particular culture might have the danger to bring the opposite effect. That particular culture group, due to the reason of working together on this project, produce a tighter bonding with each other.
The teacher suggest, such an event should be done by a mix group of people from different culture so others gets involved in order to interact. I always thought events like CID, internation festival are great idea. Now I see it totally differently. I can clearly see that the people from the same culture group are even closer with each other because of such kind of event. This also result that they reduce the chance to interact with other cultures. We must see the potential danger here.

The Little Angel

My Co-Familyhead’s daughter in law and her grand daughter are visiting us. Amanda and Mia. Mia is almost 2 but not yet so she still gets a special fair for flight
She is just adoreable… Little angel running around in the house, saying hi to people.

Camp Fire

School can be a fun place… A lot of things could happen.
As the Chemistry teacher had a conference to attend, I replaced him for a day of class. We carried out an experiment: Wick or Wax. The main purpose of the experiment is to discover what is burning in a candle.
So in one part of the experiment, we melt the wax and light the gas of the wax. Of course, it was burning nicely, so nice that it set off the Fire Alarm.
I had to run to the main office to have them shut down the alarm around the chemistry lab. While on my way back, through the window, I saw the 5 students (there are only 5, it’s a small class) holding hands, skipping around the wax fire and singing "Country Road."
They were having a lot of fun and at the same time observing the flame. It was very exciting and special, even for me.


Ecole is a school that cares about a lot of things, one of them would be our neighbors.
Alptag, a day that the whole school go up to the mountain and help the farmers to do stuff that machine is not able to do. That is, picking up woods and pile them all together so the farmer can burn them afterwards.
It was a great thing to do and always very much appreciated by the farmers, students of course have some opinion about it but nevertheless still put into a lot of effort to help those that are around us. Very meaningful act of the school, I would say.

Return to the Nature

For me, one of the most enjoyable thing is to hike in the mountains for a few days. Away from the civilization, noise and pollution.
The whole school spread into different group and went for a 4 days hike. It was amazing and wonderful. I had a lot of fun, cooking, camping, and hiking in the wild. After return, student has a better appreciation to the things that they usually don’t think it’s all that important (bed, bathroom, etc).
Our group was 13 people (3 teacher + 10 students), with student age varies from 14~17 (male, female). It was a rank C hike group (A ~ C, C is the most difficult). Well, we (the teachers) kind of make it harder than it was supposed to be by mislead to the wrong route by a bit everyday.  Good thing is that the students are strong and they did not compliant much about it at all.
Some funny stories happened during the hike. For example, Marc got electrified by the fence (which is used for preventing cows run away), Shao’s finger accident, the vegi-hunter.
I also got the chance to try out my tent, it worked like a charm, I was very very satisfied.  It was a fun time…