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Purpose, Goal

I never have great ambition in my life. Never want to an owner of a big company, to become president of some country, to make so much money that I don’t even have enough time to spend them.
All I want is a simple life. Enough money that I have food to eat and from time to time to travel somewhere. Nevertheless, I would like what I do to be meaningful.
Now I finally realize what I want to do. To become a teacher. To educate them in many different way, not just knowledge on the book. My old high school provide me such a chance. I live in the same house with students from age 14~18. They are my responsibilities. From making sure that they do their homework, their health, etc. On one hand, I am like their friends, yet, I have to make sure that they are on the right track.
It’s not easy and of course, very tiring. However, I enjoy it very much because it’s definitely meaningful. To see them learn and grow.

Conference and General School Assembly

What’s after the fun part of O-Week? Work!!
Teachers have conference everyday to coordinate things which are going on each day and there are general school assembly with all student to discuss important issue within the school.
I must say that sometimes the conference is quite boring because the points they talk about might not concern me at all. Most of the stuff are in both languages, I think my German improved much more in the past 2 weeks than the 3 years in IUB… No Joke…

Family Hike

The school is slowly starting with all the students coming back to the campus.
I am assigned to take care of 11 students (kids) with another teacher, June. This in my school is called "Family" and I am the familyhead of it.
Since everyone is back, the whole school went for a hike in the family groups so everyone get to know each other better.
It was a fun hike. There are some interesting kids in the family, extreme funny personality. Sometimes too energic for me but I think it will turn out all right.
Carla, a girl in the family, who came from the Italian part of the Switzerland, doesn’t speak neither English nor German (but Italian, French, and Spanish). I am absolute amazed by her ability of getting along with people and the speed of her picking up language. Very proud of her, I must say.
Have a look at the pictures I attached, there are some of the kids in my family during this hike.

Power Hour

Yesterday was the last night before student arrived to the school so me and some co-workers (Teachers + Helpers) about my age came together and hangout.
We made a round of "Power Hour" while getting to know each other better, I am not very sure if that is the best way of doing it but at least we had a good time.
Let me explain "Power Hour" to you… the so-called "Power Hour" is that everyone has a shot glasses and you drink a shot of beer every minute. We time the minute with music, every minute it will change to another song so whenever the music changes, we drink.
The beer we had was a little stronger than the Becks (3.7%), it was 4.8%… but nevertheless, the teachers all made it. Most of the helpers didn’t. I guess we see the difference between someone who went to university or not there .