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Interesting… Interesting…




 Chapter 1: The Sun – Your Ego Structure


You are versatile and adaptable.  Usually, you have fifty projects going, all at the same time.  You are interested in everything, but this makes it very difficult to do anything in particular very well. You love to relate.  You build your day and your life around interactions with people, ideas and events.  You are a rapid learner and a good communicator.  Often, your learning is on the surface and your communication is just imitative, but you can reason and are not afraid of innovation. Try to be more consistent in your approach to life.  When you are well organized, you accomplish.  When you develop sympathy for others, your relationships become more stable.


Your mind hops from thing to thing like a starving wolf in a cage full of bunny rabbits.  You see all sides of every question and then invent a few more to explore.  You are logical, inquisitive, and mentally alert although your insights may be completely superficial.  Develop depth and persistence, then you have the best of both worlds.  When you talk, people will often be moved by your witty, humorous form of rationalization.  You are good with words although you may like them more than they deserve. You like inventing new words and sounds and ideas.  If you also have continuity in your expressions you may well become an expresser of great ideas as well as a great learner.  You are making adjustments to circumstances in your environment all the time, whether they are required or not.  You like change.



Weird Weird…
The last 2 days I got more than 4 messages from different people thinking that I am angry or mad at them… Hummm… And they just thought I am… which didn’t even came to my mind. It was very out of blue.
Seriously… Sometimes you people make too much assumptions about me. I am quite a straight person. If I have problem with you, you would know… I mean, I would make that clear to you. If I am angry or mad, you can easily tell.
Stoping making assumptions about the things I do or say…

Wake Up

People dream too much nowadays… And I am not joking… It’s probably a result of all the media. Simply confuses most of the people of what’s real and what’s not.
Seriously… A lot of us need a wake up call and stop day dreaming already. There is a limit and reality is never going to change. I am not saying you shouldn’t do your best to live your dream but what I am saying is that you should be realistic about your dream.
I don’t believe in perfection because there is always something could be improved. No one is ever going to be perfect, never… but it’s the imperfection that makes us interesting and different from each other. It’s tolerance that makes two people become the “perfect match.”
Wake up and see what you already have and be content. Stop wanting more and compare to the people who live a much better life than you. Think about it, there are people who lived a much worse life than you do. Take a moment and tell your family, friends… how much they meant to you…


2 AM

It’s been a while I had a long talk with friends. Ana, Kiran, Denver, and I were just sitting at the table after finishing our dinner. With full stomach and being lazy.
We just talked and talked… didn’t even know how fast was the time passing by. By the time we noticed, it was already 2 AM.
This is something that barely happened in IUB. Why? Simply because we don’t have the time to afford such activity. I must say, I enjoyed this vacation very much at the moment. It’s nice to be around…

Cooking Continues…

So it’s Denver’s term cooking tonight… and soon we will have the inter house bowling competition…
At least we still have a life here…

What’s Going On Around IUB?

For those of you are away. Here is what’s going on with a group of graduated 3rd year (Ana, Kiran, Denver, Martha, Gersom, Trim) + Jeff (Since I am not graduated yet).
Some of us went to watch Batman Begins OV last Sunday. I would say it’s the best Batman movie so far. I enjoyed it and recommend people to go watch it.
What else? We also started a cooking circle so we get to taste different food and see how others make them. Here is a schedule of this week.
Monday: Kiran => Indian
Tuesday: Jeff => Chinese
Wednesday: Speical Guest, Trim => Bangladesh
Thursday: Ana => Philippine
Tomorrow’s menu will be decided tonight…
Otherwise, nothing is really going on here. We go to work in the morning, if the weather is good, we stay around on campus and do some sport. Then return in the evening, cook and eat. Hangout, play cards, TV games, movies… It’s quite enjoyable actually…