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There are different ways of defining the word "Smart"… I would say it means "Being Good at Something," for what I am going to talk about now.

That is… I will say that I am not very smart in taking hints. In all kinds of conditions… So… It is better for me that if people being very straight with me. What you don’t like, what you wish me to do, etc. Honestly, it would make my life much easier… And also save you time that you don’t have to be mad at me for not getting whatever you were trying to hint me.

This is not a joke… I really mean it… This is fact that my old friends noticed because they told me about it. As they are still making fun of me with… A quote from the old time: "If only you have noticed and understood… man, you are slow…"



Waste of Effort?

A few days ago this thing happened and got me thinking…

This is basically what happened:

Well, it was final week and everyone is busy. Nevertheless, we all still need support from each other. Although I was busy, I still decided to do a little favor to a friend. But I am no saint, what I did are not exactly all perfect. Of course, that’s my mistake, I admit.

I was just trying to help, mean no harm and with only good intention for the best. But the response was not even a smile, an attitude of being thankful, instead, a sentence only point out what I have done wrong… Nothing more…

I must say that I felt very bad about it… it was like throwing everything back to my face. I am sorry if I did something wrong but trust me, in my life, I never meant to hurt any of my friends.

Maybe this is why less and less people are helping the others… Not because they are not willing to help out but instead, afraid of making mistake and being blame for their good intention. Is that fair? One little event in our life could stop us from doing good things.

Just want to ask you all to show your appreciation first, let them know that what they have done is not wasted. If something is not perfect or not exactly how it should be, work it out together. Don’t just criticize… Give them the motivation to bring more joy and loving hands to the world.



I always remember what my martial arit master told me the first day we met…

I went there simply to have a look. He invited me to join… I said, "Ok, I will try." He said, "No, don’t try!! Do Your Best!! Trying is taking a step back! Give your best then you could really know how far you can go."

This simple sentence keep on ringing on my head every time I participate in competition. As long as I have done my best then there is nothing to regret about. The rest is all about having fun and enjoy the company.


Let Go…

"When You Hold Your Hands Tight, You Have Nothing; When You Open Your Hands,  You Have the Whole World"

Try to hold a hand full of sand in your hands… hold it as tight as you can… in the end, there will be no sand left in them. But if you open your hands, it might seems like nothing is there, but actually, you have open yourself to the world.

Things ends… The important part is how you deal with it. I am not saying that it’s easy to let things go. Actually, I myself find it very difficult, nevertheless, sometimes, it has to be done.

Life goes on and it won’t wait for you. We must move on… as much as you want to hold on to it, it can never be done. Accept the fact and open yourself. Walk on…


Past, Present, and Future…

Sometimes I wonder how well people here know me…

I wonder if people ever wonder why a 14-year-old kid who almost speak no English would choose to go study abroad miles away from home. Everyone has a past, whether they like it or not. We might not like to talk about it but we must admit that it happened.

There is no escaped from the past because it had happened. I believe that only if we could acknowledge its existence then can we move on. Why? Because it is our past that result the us today. I must say, if those days didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be who I am today.

I strongly believe in causal effect. It is something we have done or didn’t do which result something happened or didn’t happen. We have to take responsibilities for the choices we make. When something didn’t happen… don’t ask why it didn’t happen, instead, ask if you have done something to make it happen. If you never did anything about it then how could it ever happen.

Of course, as I said before, life isn’t always the way you want it to be, even if you try very hard, something might just not work out. But then, at least you did your best about it. There should be no regret when you look back…


Moments in Life

"We Live for the Moments…"

Life will not always be the way we want it to be and that’s why there are moments which we really cherish and will always remember. There is a moment which came to my mind while I was sick and tired, laying on the bed. No idea why it came to me out of the blue but it sure brought me a warm sensation. Here is the moment:

It was when I was 17 and still in Switzerland. Cold day, the days that you could see white smoke coming out of your mouth as you talk or breathe. I was slightly sick, coughing from time to time.

I was standing at the bus stop with my girlfriend. It was the beginning of the winter break and I was going home. 5 o’clock in the morning, I told her the night before that she didn’t have to come because it’s too early. Nevertheless, she was there. We were just standing there waiting for the bus…

My face was freezing, as I was sick, it didn’t feel nice. Suddenly, I coughed… and she didn’t say a word, instead, she simply took off her scarf and wrapped it around my neck. Then she took off her gloves and warm my face with her hands until my face is warm.

For many of you, this might seem like nothing… but for me, I was very touched. She didn’t even thought about how cold it would be but only wanted to make me feel better. It was a moment I really cherish, that 5 minutes in my life which I will always remember…


The Word “Promise”

Maybe some people have noticed… I don’t like to use the word "promise" much. It’s not because I am not a trustworthy person therefore I don’t like to use it but exactly the opposite.

I only would like to use this word when I am quite certain I will not forget it and will keep it. Otherwise, I prefer to say "We’ll see," or "I’ll try." Of course, I know it sounds lame not being more certain and promising but not keeping my words are a lot worse than that.

As a matter of fact. I don’t like people using "I promise!" as a common phrase. A promise is a promise; those words are meant to be kept, not broken. Honestly, think twice before you say it and if you said it, keep them in mind of what you have promised.

In all conditions this applies, not just speaking, also writing. To regain the trust afterward is much more difficult and apology is not enough. I will get back to the apology part next time. Now I just want to state clear that: "Don’t Promise Easily, Think Twice!!"


P.S. I am not saying that I keep all my words but I can tell you that I am doing my best about it. Nevertheless, there will always be times which you will not be able to do it but I believe people would understand if that is the case.